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Matt says:

This project design will do serious harm to the surrounding neighborhood. The city should not grant the zoning variance and waivers to complete the project as designed.  
By cramming in the building to the corner of Broadway/Glenn Street and taking up the parking lot behind the buildings on Broadway, the majority of the rest of the block will be hard to develop because they will be boxed in.
There is also parking and congestion concerns for making so dense of a residential building in that area. Further, the rooms are designed that the “study” look to be prime for illegal bedrooms without windows and not counted for parking requirements.      
Again, the city should not grant the zoning variance and waivers to complete the project as designed. It does more harm than good

One thought on “Online Comment Regarding East End Grill Project”

  1. I dont know when the citizens are going to learn, with this mayor all the statements of how bad thing will get with new developments means nothing..its all about the money for him and he can care less of anything else. This project is already in the bag, dont let these comments fool you, every devleopment that has come through goes through the same bs then all of a sudden construction starts, its all a ploy..if the Alderman would have balls to tell the mayor he is wrong and destroying the city not making it better we wouldnt have so many condos, minimal families and so much trouble. The mayor only cares himself, his wallet and his ego. The people of Somerville, the condo projects, construction to destroy tradition and the building that made the city what it is is not what he cares about. Stop pushing for newbies to come in and cater to them. The mayor should be preserving what has made the city what it was and grow with that….and bring more families in to support the neighborhoods not these youg professionals who only care about sharing apartments, causing trouble, making property value go down because they dont care and only care about having the next big rage in their apartment….these young people are not going to support the schools or the stores, they are only in Somerville for a short time.
    Its sad that all the landmarks are being destroyed so the mayor can make a buck and a name for himself. Need to get this guy out of office
    Have a brillant idea Alderman and Mayor, instead of approving construction on building that dont need more floors on them or buidling a new high school how about building a police department for our men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. How about replacing the building that they are in with the fire department, how about giving them the state of the art department building before the one they are on falls on them…how about that city officials?????
    Just my thoughts, thank you for the opportunity

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