Somerville Fire Department Updated Marine Unit

The Somerville Fire Department put in service their updated Marine Unit on June 30th. It is a 19.5 Sea Fox center console boat stationed at HQ. Members have been training with Maritime Tactical Training of Hingham and Massport Fire Rescue Marine Units on Maritime Rules of the Road, Basic Boat handling, Man overboard rescue & Towing operations. 
Pictured are members of the SFD training in Boston Harbor as well as conducting tow operations with Massport Fire Rescue marine Unit. 
Although not officially in service, while conducting training on June 20th, the members of SFD came across a vessel in distress on the Mystic River. The boat was taking on water with a flooded engine. The SFD was able to successfully tow the boat with it’s operator back to the Mystic Wellington Yacht Club. 
pictures by K. Rojam

3 thoughts on “Somerville Fire Department Updated Marine Unit”

  1. Great to have a long needed piece of equipment for the SFD. The city
    having a yacht club and then a sailboat facility at Shore Drive means increased water activity/incidents. Remember the Mineral Spirits oil tank farm fire years ago. There was a need for a fireboat on the Mystic River side of the fire. They had to call Boston Fire but the water draft limited access as the larger boat would be stuck in mud due to tide.

  2. I support them and have been vocal in encouraging our city officials to renew SFD contracts and for our police and municipal workers.

    As a union supporter I know how important they are to working families. Most of my family members were and are union members- teamsters– truck drivers, carpenters, electricians, hotels, airports and custodial services.

    Unions are what Somerville was built on– we need to remain Union Strong!

  3. This is a nice addition to the SFD to enable them to enhance their life-saving mission. The fact that they came across a vessel in distress while training shows the need for a marine unit. The SFD is one fine fire department comprised of dedicated men and women. Please support them.

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