Ward One Alderman Matt McLaughlin Helps Celebrate Cobble Hill Birthdays

By Martin Polignone

Cobble Hill elders enjoyed a birthday cake with Alderman Matt McLaughlin and enjoyed a nice summer day. The cold days of winter were not forgotten as Matt is the Alderman that walks the streets in the snow storms, phone in hand making sure all goes well . One resident recalled when Cobble Hill needed to clear the lots and the residents had to put their cars on the street they were ticketed. Matt contacted Traffic and Parking and had every ticket forgiven. “Matt is an elected official that returns calls right away ” in spite of what his recently certified opponent falsely accused him of. ” The other comes here and plays his accordion but he has lost every run he ever made and has no experience ,” remarked a lifelong Somerville resident. Matt is our Alderman and will always have our support!

One thought on “Ward One Alderman Matt McLaughlin Helps Celebrate Cobble Hill Birthdays”

  1. Happy Birthday to residents of Cobble Hill!

    Matt is one of the best people in our city. He’s true to his word and takes care of business.

    I’m happy for Ward 1 residents as I’m sure they know just how fortunate they are to have such a hardworking alderman who takes care of his constituents.

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