City Finally Cuts Embattled Somerville Police Sergeant’s Pay Off


By William Tauro

For almost over one year now, a Somerville Police Sergeant who has been out on supposedly a medical leave, has finally had his pay shut off by the City of Somerville.

Somerville Police Sergeant Michael Kiely has been out on a paid medical leave for over a year for supposed health reasons.

This particular officer who has been still allegedly collecting his pay from the city all the while he was working for a Cambridge Massachusetts landscaping company? In my opinion he was taking the taxpayers of Somerville for a ride.

This was all taking place while at the same time that he was trying to go out on a heartbill in the City of Somerville. After using up all his sick days and vacation days and the city finally stepped up to the plate and did the right thing.

We’re also hearing that this police sergeant is not taking the news to good after his pay was shut off and that he’s very ticked off and from what we heard he’s threatening retaliation against the administration. In other words he wants to spill his guts out and throw the mayor and his superiors under the bus.

But all I can say is that I’m glad the city took this position in cutting off his pay and I hope that they stand firm and don’t give into him no matter what threats, rants or raves he makes.

Recently on the Somerville City Council agenda, the city council had placed an item to be addressed regarding this very same Somerville Police officer who for the third time wad attempting to get promoted to the rank of lieutenant while he was out on leave.

The agenda call to order included Roll Call and Minutes Approval on: Item #208526 which read: “Requesting confirmation of the appointment of Michael Kiely to the position of Police Lieutenant.”

This police officer who the mayor requested for promotion at that time was a school resource officer at the Healy School in Somerville who was alleged to have placed his private genitals images onto a school city-owned computer and later texted it out on a city email to distribute the photographs over the internet on a school computer.
The photo of the officer’s genital organs on the school’s computer was allegedly later discovered by an elementary school teacher who then reported it to the Somerville Police Department.

This same Somerville Police officer has also been accused of stealing the identity of a fellow police officer of the Concord Massachusetts Police Department because he was allegedly dating the Concord officer’s ex-wife.

This cop also has been reprimanded as well for discharging off his service weapon in a crowded intersection on a Saturday afternoon in front of the East Cambridge Savings Bank that’s located on Highland Avenue.
So hats off to our Somerville City Council Committee Members that voted on this imbecile’s request for lieutenant.

Although I don’t agree on many of your decisions, I absolutely agree on this one. In my opinion this isn’t the end of the mayor’s and this administration’s attempt to promote this guy who should’ve instead been indicted.
I strongly believe that they will make a fourth attempt in the near future to get this snuck through and confirmed.

2 thoughts on “City Finally Cuts Embattled Somerville Police Sergeant’s Pay Off”

  1. why isn’t this asshole in lail he’s pedophile, rapist drunk thieve liar put him in the cell where he can mean real men that will take good care of him

  2. Are we as a city going to be able to get back the pay he has illegally been receiving? Or will that be swept under the rug like many things here. Like the mayor’s sister who had that underage drinking party complete with stabbing still waiting to be prosecuted?

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