Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Paolo SETTIPANE (Shoplifting, AB Police, Resisting) Goodwill Store on Elm Street

The following is a summary of the details related to this incident.


     On June 23, 2017 at approximately 14:00 hours I was dispatched to the Goodwill Store located at 230 Elm Street for a shoplifter. Dispatch updated that there were two possible shoplifters still inside the store. I arrived on location with West-5 Officer Nevin. Upon entering the store, I was informed by the manager XXXXX that two individuals who had shoplifted from the store last week were currently in the store and are currently shoplifting. It should be noted on June 17, 2017 I responded to Goodwill for a report of two possible shoplifters matching the same description as today; upon my arrival they had left the location and management was unsure what was taken (CAD Incident #17036331). At that time XXXXX and management were advised to not approach them but contact Somerville Police if the two individuals returned which they did when they entered the store today. 


     I observed, a gentleman who would later be identified as Paulo Settipane, step into the cashier’s line with one t-shirt and XXXXX informed me that he was one of the individuals who had concealed merchandise. I approached Settipane and informed him that I had reason to believe that he was shoplifting and directed him outside to speak with me. Officer Nevin informed the other gentleman who was pointed out by management, later identified as YYYYY, to step out as well. Once outside I informed Settipane that he was observed shoplifting and asked for identification because store management wanted him trespassed from the store. At this time SGT Kennelly arrived to assist. Settipane became very visibly nervous, denied the allegation, and provided me the name Paul Setti but informed me that he did not have an ID. I emphasized that at this point my main purpose was to simply identify him and recover the property to which he insisted that he provided the correct name and did not have stolen property. I called the information into dispatch and they informed me that there was no matching record found for the information I was provided. 


     At this time, I asked Settipane to stand from the bench that he was sitting on in front of the store so I could remove his backpack to search for stolen property. As Settipane began to stand, he made a dash in attempt to escape but was apprehended by SGT Kennelly, Officer Nevin, and me. As he attempted to sprint, he was grabbed by each of us and attempted to resist our grasps causing us all to fall to the ground. It should be noted that during our attempt to apprehend Settipane Officer Nevin fell onto the ground on Elm Street which resulted in his suffering a scrape and bruise to the area of his right eye and a cut to his finger. Once on the ground, and with the assistance of Tango-9 Officer Ruf who had arrived on scene, Settipane was placed into handcuffs as well as leg shackles in attempt to prevent another attempt to escape. 


     A search of Settipane’s bag revealed three shirts from Goodwill which still had remnants of the Goodwill price tag on them totaling $15.97 (receipt attached). Also recovered was a bag of marijuana approaching one ounce and a scale which have been marked for destruction. Also recovered was a Mass Driver’s License with Settipane’s true name. At this time the other gentleman who Settipane who was believed to be with, YYYYY, was allowed to leave.


     Paulo Settipane is charged with violation of M.G.L. ch. 266 §30A Shoplifting by concealing merchandise, violation of M.G.L. ch 268 §32B Resisting arrest, and violation of M.G.L. ch. 265 §13D Assault and battery on a police officer (Officer Nevin).


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Anderson #315

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