Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Cameron LINEHAN (Traffick Methamphetamine), William BROWN (PWID B, Possess B, C & E) & Ivan VASIN (PWID A & B)

The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #17037680:


Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit initiated a drug investigation of Mr. Cameron Linehan and his alleged role in the ongoing distribution of MDMA. The alleged distribution occurs from his residence located at 161 Lowell Street, Somerville, MA 02143. This investigation was launched upon receiving numerous citizenry complaints about foot traffic in and out of the residence at 161 Lowell Street. After a series of controlled buys for MDMA, an undercover officer, hereinafter referred to as “UC”, was introduced to Mr. Linehan. UC and Mr. Linehan met for an undercover buy on June 22, 2017 where Mr. Linehan asked UC if he needed any MDMA. UC and Mr. Linehan had an agreed upon time, place, and monetary amount for the MDMA to be sold to UC. Sergeant Dan Rego, along with Detectives McNally, Slattery, Costa, Legros, Goncalves, and I set up surveillance around the meet location as well as a secondary location where we believed UC and Linehan may drive to. 


Linehan gave UC instructions to meet at 161 Lowell Street, Mr. Linehan’s residence. Mr. Linehan explained to UC that they would have to take a ride to a friend’s house that was nearby to pick up the MDMA. While maintaining surveillance of the prearranged meet location and UC, Narcotics Detectives observed Linehan leave the residence of 161 Lowell Street shortly after placing the MDMA order. Detectives then observed Linehan walk to the agreed-upon location and meet with UC. UC and Linehan then travelled directly to 171 Walnut Street in Somerville. Linehan entered the multi-unit building and went into apartment 5. Within a few minutes Linehan exited and re-entered the vehicle in which UC and Linehan were utilizing. Linehan then distributed the MDMA to UC. UC took the MDMA and began driving towards Mr. Linehan’s residence.


UC observed this off-white, crystallized substance and believed it to be MDMA. A universal sign was then given to detectives notifying the purchase was completed. Marked unit East-1, Officer Van Nostrand, was then instructed to stop the UC motor vehicle on School Street. Before the stop, UC placed the bag of MDMA he had just purchased in the center console of the vehicle. As the UC vehicle was stopped, Mr. Linehan was placed under arrest for trafficking in MDMA. On Mr. Linehan’s person, he had approximately a half ounce of the same off-white crystallized substance believed to be MDMA. 


After being arrested, I read Mr. Linehan his rights pursuant to Miranda from a card I keep on my person. Mr. Linehan stated he understood his rights. During a post arrest interview of Mr. Linehan, Sergeant Rego asked Mr. Linehan where he had just purchased the MDMA. Mr. Linehan stated he had purchased it from a friend named John at 171 Walnut Street. Mr. Linehan went on to say that he goes into apartment five. Linehan was able to describe the apartment and where in the building it was located. Linehan stated that he paid six hundred dollars for the two bags. I will note that during a subsequent search warrant of 171 Walnut Street #5, money found inside the residence matched the same serial numbers of money UC paid Mr. Linehan for the ounce of MDMA. 


Mr. Linehan was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Desrochers, where he was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DeOliveira. All items seized/confiscated were photographed and entered into evidence. Please see any and all supplemental reports for further information. I would note that the total preliminary weight of both MDMA bags was approximately forty-two grams. 



Respectfully submitted,


Detective Fernando Cicerone #279



The following is a brief summary pertaining to Incident #17037724:


On June 22nd, 2017, members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit conducted an undercover narcotics transaction involving a Mr. Cameron Linehan and a male party, later identified as Mr. William Brown, at his residence located at 171 Walnut St. #5. After the successful completion of this transaction, a search warrant application was requested by Detective Cicerone for this residence. The search warrant was granted by Clerk Robert Tringale on June 22nd, 2017.


On June 23rd, 2017 at approximately 2:30 a.m., Sergeant Detective Rego along with Detectives McNally, Costa, Cicerone, Legros, Collazo, Slattery and I as well as Marked Unit East 3, Officer Bork, executed this warrant. Detectives knocked and announced their presence multiple times. It was soon discovered that the apartment door was unlocked and Detectives proceeded to make entry into the residence. Officer Bork began to search the left hand side bedroom when she discovered a male in its adjacent bathroom. This male, identified as Mr. William Brown, was attempting to destroy a large glassine baggie of a rocky substance, believed to be MDMA, by flushing it down the toilet. Officer Bork issued several verbal commands for Mr. Brown to stop what he was doing and show his hands. After several seconds Mr. Brown obliged. In the two other bedrooms of the residence, Detectives found Mr. Ivan Vasin and XXXXX. All three parties were escorted to the living room area while Detectives searched the rest of the residence.


In Mr. Brown’s room, Detectives discovered multiple small baggies of a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine, one tablet believed to be Ecstasy, one pill believed to be Xanax, multiple pills believed to be Diazepam, a large piece of paper believed to be acid and the partially destroyed baggie believed to be MDMA.


In Mr. Vasin’s room, Detectives discovered multiple baggies of a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine, multiple pills believed to be Amphetamine, two small mason jars as well as two vials of an off white waxy substance which Mr. Vasin stated was GHB.


Mr. Brown and Mr. Vasin were both placed under arrest and were transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, operated by Officer Prophete, where they were booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DeOliveira. All items seized/confiscated were photographed and entered into evidence. 



Respectfully submitted,



Detective Cassandra Goncalves, #314


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