Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Steven LIBERGE (Larceny) Home Depot Somerville

On June 23, 2017, at approximately 15:30 hours, I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as Alpha 1, responded to Home Depot, 75 Mystic Avenue, with Alpha 3, Officer Fusco, for a report of a shoplifter who was exiting the store through the garden area.


On arrival, I observed Loss Prevention Detective, XXXXX, pursuing a male, now known to me as Steven Liberge, in the Home Depot parking lot. While Mr. Liberge was pushing an orange shopping cart that appeared to have several items inside, XXXXX pointed to his direction, and Officer Fusco and I stopped him. XXXXX stated that while conducting floor surveillance, he observed Mr. Liberge pushing a shopping cart that appeared to have 2 large air filters inside. He stated that he observed Mr. Liberge selecting a Milwaukee drill and band saw from the display. He stated that Mr. Liberge placed the items in the shopping cart and covered them with the air filters. He then stated that Mr. Liberge walked out of the store, through the garden area, passing all points of sale, failing to pay for the merchandise. He then stated that as he pursued Mr. Liberge in the parking lot, Officer Fusco and I arrived.


I observed a Milwaukee drill, band saw, 2 air filters, and duct tape inside the shopping cart that Mr. Liberge pushed out of the store. XXXXX stated that the total value of the merchandise is $619.94. I then placed Mr. Liberge under arrest for Larceny Over $250. Mr. Liberge was then transported to the station, via 200, that was operated by Officer Desrochers. Once at the station, Mr. Liberge was booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Sheehan.


A copy of the receipt and pictures of the merchandise will be attached to this report.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Rivera #309

Somerville Police Department



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