Car Crashes Into Somerville Hubway Bicycle Rack on Broadway 

Photo by Eddie Hardy

By William Tauro 

Last Wednesday morning, an automobile lost control and smashed into the Hubway bike rack that’s located in front of the Clarendon Hill bus turn around on Broadway.
Hubway has multiple bike racks located in Somerville, Cambridge and Boston. 
Hubway is a bicycle sharing system in the Boston, Massachusetts metro area. The system is owned by the cities of Boston, Cambridge,Somerville and Town of Brookline, and operated by Motivate and uses technology provided by 8D Technologies, as well as PBSC Urban Solutions bikes and docking stations. 
The bike share program officially launched on July 28, 2011 with 61 stations and 600 bicycles. Expansions were already being planned for in the spring of 2012, adding more stations in Boston as well as the neighboring cities and towns of Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. 
As of May 2017, the system has deployed 180 stations with a fleet of over 1,600 bikes.

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