Mayor Joe Curtatone on Texas’s Sanctuary City Status 

By Joe Curtatone 

Texas would have done well to listen to its police chiefs. On top of the legal challenges this measure will face, expect the social pressure to ratchet up much like we saw with the Arizona “papers, please” law and the North Carolina bathroom bill.

“Instead of making Texas safer, it will have the opposite effect. The Texas Major Cities Chiefs, the Texas Police Chiefs Association, and sheriffs from the state’s largest cities all oppose SB 4. They recognize that the new law will make their job harder, because undocumented immigrants and those with undocumented family members will be wary of interacting with law enforcement due to fears of detention or deportation. Undocumented immigrants will not want to come forward as witnesses to crime, or report incidents of domestic abuse. Already, Houston police have seen a 43% drop in the number of rape cases reported by Latino residents, a development attributed to fears of law enforcement under the Trump administration. SB 4 will make such fears worse.”

One thought on “Mayor Joe Curtatone on Texas’s Sanctuary City Status ”

  1. No criminal likes interacting with the law, you dope, most likely it’s the illegal immigrants doing the raping

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