Letter to the Editor:Joe Curtabologna Has To Go!

Dear Editor:Joe Curtabologna has to go!

I’m an old school Somerville senior who has had enough with this crooked mayor. I’ve been saying it for quite some time now that this guy is ripping off the city and he is horrible for the future of Somerville! All he is interested in is lining his own pockets. It’s about time this newspaper saw though him and started writing against him calling him out.

Once you cross your own Somerville senior citizens and your own local newspaper hates you, you know you’re pretty much all done!

I frequent the Jeff Cunha Radio Talkshow on 68 WRKO as a call in three times a week and believe me they despise him more than I do and that’s a lot! I even gave the Somerville News Weekly editor a good plug on the Jeff Couna Show on Monday to show them I mean business!

Joe, you gotta go!
Lucille, Broadway Somerville Resident

Click on link below to hear original radio live broadcast:



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