Isabel Rittenhous, Strong Ties to Many Somerville Families Needs Your Help

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My daughter Lilly Leyden has a best friend named Isabel Rittenhous. 

She was the first friend we met when we moved to Windham four years ago and we have become very close to her and her family. Isabel  is a vibrant, funny, kind 8 year old little girl. She lives with her mom Kristin, her dad Dave, her older brother David and younger brother Emerson. They are a great family always willing to help someone out with a project or a favor- and we feel very lucky to have them as our friends.  We were devastated when we heard what happened to Isabel. Last month Isabel suddenly collapsed, lost her vision and was disorientated. She began having seizures and Kristin called 911. An ambulance arrived and rushed her to Parkland Medical Center. Upon arrival they decided due to the severity of her situation it was best to transport her on a medflight to Boston Childrens Hospital. There they were forced to put her in a medically induced coma for 4 days in order to bring down her  blood pressure which was extremely high and alieviate the PRES.  After a total of  14 days in the hospital she  has been diagnosed with Postinfectious Glomerulonephritis.

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