Mayor Joseph Curtatone on San Francisco Sanctuary City/Trump Law Suit

Amazing what happens when sanctuary city issues go to court. San Francisco has sued the Trump administration over its threat to deny the funding based on sanctuary status. During the arguments, the Justice Department had to recognize sanctuary cities “cannot be forced to comply with federal immigration requests to hold people in jail past their release date.” 
They also revealed that most federal grant money couldn’t be withheld from sanctuary cities. Should San Francisco (or Seattle in a different suit) prevail, then no federal grant money will be in jeopardy and the rhetoric from President Trump and AG Sessions will amount to nothing more than empty threats. Sounds like we’ll be there soon enough, but in the meantime the revelations are that the administration’s own attorneys have acknowledged we’re not breaking the law (we knew that) and that the lion’s share of our federal funding has never been under threat.

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