Letter to the Editor:”Hello am I missing something here?”


God love you guys at Speak Up Line,

It took an everyday kindhearted DPW worker to reach out and help find a remedy to help out the homeless and the many less fortunate in Somerville who’s families struggle everyday to find shelter, a little warmth as well as food with a couple of blessing boxes.

But instead of helping those that are desperately in need in his own city, this idiotic Mayor is prancing around the countryside worrying about and lobbying for a remedy to bringing in more refugees from Syria and focusing on about how he can support more unauthorized illegal immigrants that we taxpayers have to cough up the bread.
This moron is even supporting/allowing these wack job protesters to run our city Who are also telling him what to do it seems like.
One of the worst parts of it all is that its all taking place while our police are being treated like shit and disrespected with that ridiculous banner flying above our City Hall and while the mayor’s own cousin is taking the city for a ride with the protection of his badge and his cousin the good Mayor.
“Hello am I missing something here?”

Ron DeAngelis, Broadway Ward 1

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