Guillermo Samuel Hamlin Announces Candidacy for Ward 1 School Committee

SOMERVILLE, MA – MARCH 17th, 2017Community media producer, activist, and educator Guillermo Samuel Hamlin announced his run for Ward 1 School Committee today. Guillermo is running on a platform of many, however his priorities are to: comprehensively address youth unemployment, improve efforts in assisting families facing crisis in affordability, and advocate for equitable assessment systems. An active Ward 1 resident, he helps East Somerville Main Streets with their signature events and design reviews for incoming development on Broadway. Additionally, he has served on the Recreations Task Force for the city of Somerville following departmental changes. His extensive community involvement and back end support for educational nonprofits is informed by his experiences growing up as a working immigrant student in the United States from Paraguay (now a naturalized U.S. citizen).

“I look at the world through that lens, I have that mutual understanding that comes with growing up different, working through school, fearing reprisal with a green card. Being a community media producer and educator has given me the privilege of translating those experiences into mixed media platforms. On a regular basis, we work with different organizations to resolve different problems. The city of Somerville is no different in their approach, however, we should unburden the necessary subtleties that teachers, paraprofessionals, the PTA, parents & grandparents, extended family and siblings contribute to a developing student. The mutuality of these networks is what needs our support. And by consistently pursuing feedback loops, we can bring about the solutions needed to empower our children. I look forward to being inclusive to families in Ward 1 that otherwise wouldn’t be a part of the process.”

In addition to targeted outreach, tackling youth unemployment has been a priority of Guillermo’s since his time at Harvard University. While working mornings and afternoons, he would obtain his bachelor’s degree by completing evening courses. After graduating in 2013, with a concentration in Philosophy and Anthropology, he became the Boston Chapter President for the Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance. Guillermo along with other alums, facilitate Latino student communities through mentoring, networking, and other volunteer activities in the Greater Boston Area. This alumni effort is complimented by his supervision of youth employees through programs with the City of Malden using the Commonwealth Corporation’s Signal Success Curriculum. “At MATV, I am constantly collaborating with the Malden Public Schools on Senior Internships as well as the Mayor’s Summer and Year-Round Youth Employment Programs (MYEP). These programs embolden students to broaden their horizons as they eventually transition into the workforce. Whether it’s through BuildCorps or expanding the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program into a year-long program, I hope we can continue to increase opportunity among our current and returning Somerville students and residents.”

A part of Union United, he has fought for a community benefits agreement as a means to revitalize Union Square without haphazardly displacing families and long serving organizations. A board member of the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS) (which administers Head Start programs promoting school readiness for low-income children under 5 in Somerville and Cambridge), they collaborate with Somerville Public Schools to upend the causes of chronic homelessness. For those doing moderately well, the unaffordable options in early childhood education and childcare is still quite steep. The innovative promise that Massachusetts conceived back in 1639; free taxpayer-funded public schools, has become more more difficult to realize following gentrification and retention defeating displacement.

“The added burden they will have on their ability to stay in their current residence, or even to move, limits the promise of a public school education in Somerville. I will hold true to fulfilling the promise that the Somerville Public Schools will be for everyone, especially those who are holding on, fighting to remain in East Somerville. I look forward to prudently expanding services when possible, representing my neighbors fully, and empowering students to reach beyond their potential. I ask that my neighbors in Ward 1 consider my candidacy as their School Committee member. I ask for their vote on November 7th, because together we can bring about the changes necessary to continue making Somerville Public Schools the envy of Massachusetts.”

Guillermo is the Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator at MATV, Malden’s Media Center. He also sits on the Board of Directors at the Somerville Media Center & CAAS. He lives on Myrtle St and can be reached at

You can find more info about the campaign on

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