Somerville’s ST PATRICK’S BLIZZARD 10 DAY Forecast




The storm system is expected to track northeast from the mid-Atlantic coast, passing near Nantucket bring impacts to Massachusetts Tuesday morning starting at 4AM, into Tuesday night. Widespread snowfall amounts of 14 – 18 inches are expected across much of the Commonwealth, with the exception of the Cape and Islands where there is potential for rain to mix with snow which would result in lesser amounts (2-6 inches) in this region. The onset of snow will begin rapidly, with heavy snowfall of 2-4 inches per hour beginning on the south coast and southern points of Massachusetts, including Springfield area around 4am, and spreading statewide by 8am. These rates will continue into Tuesday afternoon. The heaviest snowfall tapers off late in the afternoon Tuesday, but areas of steady, accumulating snow, will likely continue Tuesday night (especially in the northern areas). Damaging winds, gusting 30-50 mph inland, and 60-70 mph along the Cape and Islands, will ramp up early to mid-afternoon on Tuesday, and a second round of strong winds will occur along the Massachusetts coastline late afternoon into the evening (40-50 mph gusts). Minor to moderate coastal flooding is expected with this storm during the early Tuesday afternoon and 1 am Wednesday high tides. The most vulnerable areas for coastal flooding would be east and northeast facing coastlines for the Tuesday afternoon high tide, and north and northeast facing coastlines for the early Wednesday morning high tide.
Changes from the previous forecast:

· Snowfall totals in all of the Commonwealth are 12-18 inches (with the exception of Cape Cod and the Islands)

· The Winter Storm Watches have been upgraded to Winter Storm Warnings (with the exception of Cape Cod and the Islands)

· The Blizzard Watch has been expanded to include all of Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Bristol counties. The Blizzard Watch still includes Suffolk and Plymouth counties as well.  

· A Coastal Flood Watch has been issued for the eastern MA coastline, including Nantucket, for the high tide early Tuesday afternoon


The storm is expected to produce:

· Heavy snow (14-20 inches over most of Southern New England)

· Snowfall rates of 2-4 inches per hour for several hours, during the day on Tuesday

· Isolated thunderstorms (thundersnow)

· Damaging wind gusts 50-60+ mph (over coastal MA) and 30-50 mph (inland)

· Minor to perhaps moderate coastal flooding (highly dependent on the timing of winds and buildup of seas)

2017-03-14 Tue 1:08 AM EDT 9.8 feet High Tide

2017-03-14 Tue 6:56 AM EDT Sunrise

2017-03-14 Tue 7:15 AM EDT -0.4 feet Low Tide

2017-03-14 Tue 1:27 PM EDT 9.8 feet High Tide

2017-03-14 Tue 6:49 PM EDT Sunset

2017-03-14 Tue 7:35 PM EDT -0.3 feet Low Tide

2017-03-15 Wed 1:47 AM EDT 9.7 feet High Tide

2017-03-15 Wed 6:55 AM EDT Sunrise

2017-03-15 Wed 7:57 AM EDT -0.2 feet Low Tide

2017-03-15 Wed 2:08 PM EDT 9.5 feet High Tide

2017-03-15 Wed 6:50 PM EDT Sunset

2017-03-15 Wed 8:15 PM EDT 0.0 feet Low Tide

Potential Impacts:

· Hazardous travel due to visibility near zero at times

· Power outages, especially in southeastern MA

· Blowing and drifting snow is a concern, with 2-3 foot drifts likely.

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