Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Robert PAPALUCA (Larceny – Shoplifting)

On March 9, 2017, at approximately 18:05 hours, I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as Alpha 1, was informed by Saks Fifth Loss Prevention Detective, XXXXX, via department issued cell phone, that a white male, who was wearing a white and blue winter hat, a black coat, and jeans, selected 2 purses from the display and exited the store onto Canal Street.


Once on location, I immediately observed the suspect, now known to me as Robert Papaluca Jr., fleeing on foot towards Assembly Row, while holding a white purse and a blue purse. I was able to stop Mr. Papaluca approximately 3 businesses away from Saks Fifth. At this point, Officer St. Hilaire, Officer Schneider, and Officer Soares arrived as back up. I recovered the merchandise, totaling $344.98. Mr. Papaluca was then informed that he was under arrest for larceny over $250. Mr. Papaluca was then transported to the station, via 200, by Officer Hartsgrove and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Rymill. 


I was informed by XXXXX that she observed Mr. Papaluca, via CCTV, selecting the merchandise and walking outside of the store, passing all points of sale. A picture of the merchandise and a retail receipt will be attached to this report. Video surveillance of the incident will be submitted as soon as it becomes available.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Rivera #309


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