A Message From Frank Santangelo on Somerville’s New Blessing Boxes 

Greetings All,

First off I want to thank everybody for your generous donations of well needed supplies to the Somerville Blessing Boxes to help out our city’s less fortunate. 

The outpour of support of donations that have been coming in of much needed supplies of foods, hygienic items and warm clothing from the generous people of Somerville is overwhelming. 

Its up to all of us to help when we can to make a difference in the lives of others especially in those of the homeless and less fortunate. 

A “Somerville Blessing Boxes” Facebook page has been established keep everyone updated on donations and the Blessing Boxes inventory status. Please feel free the join the page and follow all the good that is being done everyday by the good people of Somerville. 

One blessing box is located at Statue Park in Davis Square and the other is located at Union Square, Plaza in Union Square. 

“Give what you can, Take what you need.”

Much thanks and appreciation,
Frank Santangelo 

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