Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Joao DESOUZA (Somerville Warrants) & Bryan TABORDA (Trafficking Cocaine) 

Members of the Somerville Police Drug Unit received information from a confidential informant stating a Hispanic male was actively selling cocaine in and around the city of Somerville. This confidential informant has given previous information to the Somerville Police Drug Unit which resulted in several arrests as well as convictions of people who violated the controlled substance laws. The confidential informant was able to give information including a physical description of the Hispanic male. The confidential informant stated the Hispanic male was light skinned, approximately mid twenties, thin build, and operating a brown Toyota Corolla, bearing Massachusetts registration XXXXX. During the course of this investigation, we identified this Hispanic male as Mr. Bryan Taborda.


Surveillance was established on several occasions where observations were made of Mr. Taborda operating the brown 2003 Toyota Corolla bearing Massachusetts registration XXXXX. The physical description provided by the confidential informant as well as the vehicle description and plate number were verified during numerous weeks of surveillance. During previous observations of Mr. Taborda, detectives believed him to be making frequent short trips to different areas of the city of Somerville. During these trips, Mr. Taborda engaged in what we believe to be street level drug transactions. On three separate occasions, Mr. Taborda entered the dwelling of a well known cocaine user and quickly exited. Information was then received from the confidential informant that Mr. Taborda had just dropped off an amount of powdered cocaine. The confidential informant states that Mr. Taborda would keep the cocaine on his person in his underwear area. After these trips a rolling surveillance was kept of Mr. Taborda.


Mr. Taborda would then head to an address in Somerville where we observed him meeting with Mr. Joao De Souza. I would like to note Mr. De Souza is well known to members of the Somerville Police Drug Unit as he was previously arrested for possession of cocaine. Mr. Taborda would exit the brown Toyota Corolla and meet Mr. De Souza at an intersection of Somerville. During these encounters, observations were made of Mr. Taborda handing an item to Mr. De Souza and receiving money in return. At this time, Mr. De Souza and Mr. Taborda would go their separate ways, where Mr. Taborda would be observed re-entering his motor vehicle and leaving the area. In my training and experience as well as the collective experience of all other detectives, I believed Mr. Joao De Souza and Mr. Bryan Taborda had just engaged in a street level drug transaction. Due to the ongoing investigation, surveillance was terminated as to not compromise its objective.


On Friday, March 3rd, 2017, I along with other members of the Somerville Police Narcotics including Sgt. Rego and Detectives Cicerone, Costa, McNally and Legros observed Mr. Joao De Souza pacing back in forth, on and off his cell phone, in the area of the Winter Hill Market (269 Broadway). It is to be noted, that this was the exact behavior Mr. De Souza engaged in during our previous observations of his meetings with Mr. Taborda. Surveillance was kept of Mr. De Souza as he walked to a residence in Somerville. Mr. De Souza was observed pacing back and forth, making multiple quick phone calls on his cell phone once again. Mr. De Souza entered this residence (left side door) at approximately 7:00 p.m. Within ten minutes, the brown Toyota Corolla bearing Massachusetts registration XXXXX, was observed traveling to this address. This vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant, one house away from this residence. As this vehicle parked, it passed Detective Cicerone’s unmarked police vehicle, where Detective Cicerone was able to confirm the operator to be the same individual that Mr. De Souza had previously engaged in drug transactions with. Mr. Taborda appeared to be on his cell phone as he exited his vehicle and walked into the residence (left side door).


Approximately a few minutes later, Mr. Taborda exited the residence, entered his motor vehicle and began driving. It was at this time that detectives conducted a motor vehicle stop in front of the residence to conduct a threshold inquiry of Mr. Taborda. Detectives removed Mr. Taborda from his vehicle as he was moving around in a furtive manner. Detective Costa asked Mr. Taborda where he had just been coming from. Mr. Taborda stated he parked his vehicle but never exited. Detective Costa asked Mr. Taborda if he entered any houses to which he replied he did not. Detective Costa informed Mr. Taborda that detectives had observed him entering a residence. At this time, Mr. Taborda became extremely nervous as he was now breathing heavily. Mr. Taborda was then asked if he had any drugs on his person to which he began to stutter, but would not reply.


As we were speaking with Mr. Taborda, Mr. De Souza exited the residence and began to walk up the street towards our location, not realizing we had just stopped Mr. Taborda. Detective Cicerone and I then stopped Mr. De Souza and handcuffed him as we learned he had an active arrest warrant. As we handcuffed Mr. De Souza, Sgt. Rego spoke with him and asked him where had just been coming from and what he had been doing. During Sgt. Rego’s conversation with Mr. De Souza, he stated that he and another male had ordered cocaine and had been waiting inside a residence for the delivery. Mr. De Souza then stated that the delivery was never made. Mr. De Souza went on to say that the cocaine order was suppose to be delivered by “that kid” as he looked over at Mr. Taborda and gestured towards him.


Detectives Legros conducted a cursory search of Mr. Taborda’s person and felt an abnormal bulge in his groin area. Mr. Taborda was once again asked if he had any drugs on his person, to which he refused to reply. Detective Legros continued the search and was able to determine that Mr. Taborda had something hidden in his groin area. Detective Legros was able to locate a small black bag containing a large clear glassine bag with several smaller baggies of a white powdery substance, in Mr. Taborda’s underwear. In my training and experience I believed this white powdery substance to be cocaine, a class B substance.

Mr. Taborda was placed under arrest and transported by Officer McCarey in marked wagon #200 to Somerville Police Department where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Rymill. Mr. Taborda’s brown Toyota Corolla was towed and transported by Pats Towing to the Somerville Police garage and followed by Sgt. Rego. I would note that Mr. Taborda’s monies ($1572.00), cellular phones (2), and vehicle were seized and subject to forfeiture proceedings. Please see Detective McNally’s supplemental report with regards to all evidence confiscated/seized.


The preliminary weight of the white powdered substance, I believe to be cocaine, was weighed and totaled the amount of approximately 40 grams. The white powdery substance was field tested positive for cocaine. During a search incident to arrest of Mr. Taborda’s vehicle a false bottom container was located under the front passenger side seat.


Respectfully submitted,

Detective Cassandra Goncalves, #314


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