Letter to the Editor:RE “Take Those Banners Down!” Its Our Buildings Not Yours!

Dear Somerville News Weekly Editor,

We are writing to you in total disgust that this mayor with this administration and the current Board of Alderman has the nerve to allow the illegally displaying of those two banners up on Somerville City Hall as up on the Somerville High School.
First, we commend you for your courage to come forward in this most liberal city in the country with that article and all the backlash you people have taken by these liberals here in Somerville regarding such.

Now its time to call out all the elected officials here in the city!

1. These are city owned properties. They’re not owned by the politicians or any of these left wing radical organizations. They’re owned by the people of this city and paid for with our hard earned tax dollars. Any signage should only be hung on these buildings if and only if you asked the people’s permission first and if you asked me we would’ve said “absolutely not!”

2. We are calling out all Somerville elected officials and for them to put their best foot forward by answering the question that the Somerville News Weekly has brought to everyone’s attention raising a good point and wrote an excellent article saying that “Somerville is not a Sanctuary City and hasn’t been one for almost 30 years. “Is Somerville a legally documented sanctuary city or has it just a big bluff all these years?”

3. We haven’t heard of one elected official in this city that had the backbone to come forward to say either the article was wrong or they are in check and directly on point! What’s up with that?

4. The people of Somerville are speaking and demand that that Sanctuary City banner that is hanging on our high school as well as that ridiculous black lives matter banner should be taken down forthwith and let the people of Somerville the side before you do something stupid like that again.

5. We the people of Somerville are putting all Somerville elected officials on notice as of right now.

6. Somerville’s residents are urged to call Somerville City Hall mayor’s office at (617)625-6600, you ward alderman as well as show up at in person this coming Thursday night at the regular scheduled weekly Somerville Board of Alderman meeting at the City Hall and ask that question and demand to see proof of legal sanctuary city status since 1989 and demand that those two banners be taken down immediately.

The People of Somerville, The rightful owners of those properties

12 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor:RE “Take Those Banners Down!” Its Our Buildings Not Yours!”

  1. That sign is what is allowing them to stand there waiting for the next truck to come into the lot to pick up some cheap labor . This to me is disgusting . Not the illegals as much as the ones who hire them. They are the guy you hired to do your roof for 2000 dollars yet is paying him 9 bucks a day and of course they’ll work for that they have know fn choice in the matter . The communication barrier alone is enough to we’ll…..the licensed city contractors that are hiring get them are the problem. They don’t have to . But if will save them a few bucks plus the corners they cut with not only workmanship but with deals with local supply houses . Doing business with these guys there friend they went to school with , they played hockey together just throw them back at the bars I am all for . Screw a Home Depot and all the chains. I’m always for shopping local momma poppa shops . For special many reasons and money is primary second to loyalty with some guys I’ve worked with but the breed is dying . I don’t see the Irish Eyes as I used to . The honest ginny.l, kind da and I say this jokingly so no need for a witch hunt yup. Why give money to the chains that one day realizes they can’t compete with Komatsu papa’s. Imagine that. I mean ur saving money with ur guy. He gives us stick far cheaper than what your paying but ask home depot to print a receipt indicating otherwise and you may get tackled by one of the Haitian security guards . And why shouldn’t you be able to this . It not like johnny doe and Jane whoever are loaded but you should be charging top dollar for the work you do. As an apprentice to many tradesman in new England we have by far the best workmanship.done by the best. But why go pick up the illegals . To save that old might dollar you won’t bring to the grave with you . Trust me ….why not pay it forward…..teach someone, give someone struggling a bone here and there . It goes along way. Those who you pass judgment on now may one day be the mayor . Your lawyer . The dude that designs ur companies website. Or just a guy who’ll make you laugh as u whistle while u work rather than the non degrading abuse these pore illegals have it . But listen I’m not feeling bad for them because they have slowly but surely taken over my livelihood. It’s funny the left wingers say they do the work Americans don’t want to do . Say who the fuck who? Huh ? I love the food service hospitality customer service communication industries but I’ve trained Hector to cover my shift as I went on an audition only to return to have my boss want to write me up for a no call no show . Those few in the I dusty know what I mean. For me to only being defending get myself on how Hector would chop off his arm to come in on Friday night he cover me . Cut to . me- ” dude Hector u asked me all these questions bout this and that and ur ready to go on and u said ud cover me but u don’t show up” ” Hector in that cowardly tail in between my legs type of talk no my friend you gotta work why the chef fire you. Me ya u wish mother Fucked cuz I run this place better than you your compares and anyone with I’ll will so beat am I fires no I’m not but go on the back and wash dished and now stay away from. The computer .racist ? Wait till it’s ur industry….all I can say is that in LA it 10000000 times worse….. communicate ions induste

  2. People of Somerville…you’ve had illegals taking work from tax paying Americans down at Foss park for years and you’re concerned about a couple of signs?

  3. Super misleading to the illegal immigrants who’s one year to get it together and get out don’t you think. Thinking they are safe here and then BAM in the middle of the night Cya. Because u now are a criminal. According to the president and anyone with common sense . And how belittling of a sign that in Somerville illegal immigrants are blessed saints and lives of only those that are black matter. Come on get it together . Lastly since our Mayor a studdering lawyer BTW can’t remeber how to or never even know ewe the procedure to check what laws are and what laws are urban myths . But the journalist in a not to long ago article did the work for him . And it’s not a sanctuary city ….

    1. He sure Is . A 160,000 disgrace we pay him to be . Really . 160 u think that’s enough? That’s all how will he ….

  4. Every dictator falls eventually. History has proven this to be true . I wish I was knew the person who wrote that article because I’d be enlightenment to to meet his people to find us a leader so that this dictators rein ends and ends soon. Someone with a backbone to stand up to the hard core left wingers who support him still . So many have already fled because they either got fired from the job Mayor Joe granted them , so many others our just sick of this administration ruining our great city. Therfore the abovr author someone who shares a similar voice might be surprised to learn that like me there are many many more people waiting to back up someone like this .
    Trump ended a corrupted parties agenda without breaking a sweat so I’m sure we will get out Trump here in Somerville. Hopefully sooner rather than later . And something tells me it’s gonna happen sooner than people think .

  5. hahahaha,
    “Any signage should only be hung on these buildings if and only if you asked the people’s permission first”.

    Turns out they did ask the people first, all the way back in 2015.

    “According to the Somerville City Clerk’s Office, the unofficial election results of the Nov. 3 election are as follows:
    Mayor – Joseph Curtatone – 77%”

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