Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Manuel PEREZ & Jose PENA (PWID A, Conspiracy, Drug Violation Near School)

On 02/21/17, I was contacted by Sergeant Capasso who had information that XXXXX, a resident of YY Endicott Ave, was actively using heroin. Shortly after this conversation, Somerville Crime Analyst ZZZZZ issued an SPD Crime Bulletin based on intelligence received from Detective Perrone. The bulletin listed XXXXX as pawning 8 items at LBC Boutique in Davis Square between 12/26/2016 and 2/4/2017.


Based on this information, members of the Narcotics Unit established surveillance at XXXXX’ residence. At approximately 5:00 p.m., XXXXX exited his residence and walked to an ATM machine at the intersection of Broadway and Weston Ave. A constant rolling surveillance was kept of XXXXX as he walked directly back to Endicott Ave. XXXXX stopped in the area of YY Endicott Ave where he was observed placing a call via cellular phone. I would note that this phone call appeared to be brief, approximately 5 seconds. Post phone call, XXXXX’ body language appeared consistent with someone awaiting the arrival of another person, as he repeatedly paced back and forth, looking in both directions.


Approximately 5 minutes after the phone call, a gray Toyota Avalon was observed coming down Endicott Avenue. The vehicle was occupied by two dark skinned Hispanic males. The vehicle parked in front of AA Endicott Ave, where I observed XXXXX approached the passenger side. I would like to note that AA Endicott Avenue is located directly across from Matignon High School Athletic Field it is within 100 feet of the field. While XXXXX was at the passenger side window, I observed XXXXX exchange something between his hands and the hands of the passenger, later identified on 2/22/17 as Mr. Jose Pena. I believe, in my training and experience, that XXXXX had just conducted a hand to hand drug transaction. This exchange lasted no longer than five seconds and right after he entered his residence. Due to the ongoing investigation, this hand to hand transaction was not interrupted, as to not compromise the objective of this investigation until further intelligence could be established. 


After corroborating the tip from Sergeant Capasso, surveillance was again set up on 2/22/17 around 4 p.m., at the residence of XXXXX. At approximately 5:15 p.m., Detectives Goncalves and Cicerone observed a gray Toyota Camry travelling on Endicott from Broadway towards Hooker Avenue. The observed vehicle is registered to the same owner as the vehicle observed the day before. I would note that it was also occupied by the same two dark skinned Hispanic males who were involved in the hand to hand exchange with XXXXX on 2/21/17. Less than a minute after the vehicle parked in the area of YY Endicott Ave, XXXXX was observed leaving his residence and walking directly to the car where he entered through the back seat. Within a few seconds, Det. Goncalves observed XXXXX exited the back seat and walked toward his residence. At this time, I along with Detective Goncalves approached XXXXX to conduct a threshold inquiry. With our badges displayed, Detective Goncalves and I identified ourselves as Somerville Police Detectives and stopped XXXXX as the vehicle drove away toward Hooker Avenue where a motor vehicle stop was subsequently effected by Detective Costa operating an unmarked cruiser.


XXXXX immediately said to us “I didn’t get anything from the runner, I swear.” I informed him of our observation to which he stated, the two gentlemen were here to sell him drugs, but they refused to take him to the ATM at the corner of Weston Avenue and Broadway as he requested. XXXXX went on to say that the two Hispanic males stated they had just observed a marked cruiser by the ATM at that location. I reached Detective Costa, Detective McNally and Detective Cicerone via our 2 way radio to relay the information. After hearing this information, the two males in the gray Toyota Camry were found to be in possession of multiple baggies of a tan powdered substance they believed to be Heroin, in their training and experience. These baggies, which were later found to be twelve in total, were packaged together. After reviewing Mr. Pena’s board of probation, I discovered that he has a guilty conviction for a prior possession to distribute a Class A drug. Both Mr. Perez and Mr. Pena were placed under arrest and transported to the Somerville Police Station where they were booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DiGregorio.


Respectfully submitted,



Detective Guerdy Legros #280

Somerville Police Dept.



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