Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Daniel GRAHAM (Poss. Class B)

On the morning of February 23th, 2017, I was assigned to Uniform Patrol in marked unit East-1. At 1:35 AM, while traveling west bound on Washington Street, a public way in the city of Somerville, I observed a white motor vehicle parked in the rear of the Somerville No Touch Car Wash.

        While in the lot, I drove by the vehicle and I noticed the operator reclined back and appeared to be asleep. I drove behind the vehicle and queried the registration. The vehicle was registered to XXXXX. I activated my white lights to illuminate the vehicle and check on the occupant, later identified as Mr. Daniel GRAHAM.

        As I exited my cruiser, GRAHAM started the vehicle and began backing up towards my direction. Fearing that I was going to be struck by the vehicle, I yelled stop. GRAHAM stopped the vehicle and was ordered to place the vehicle in park.

        Before engaging GRAHAM in conversation, I noticed his behavior to be very erratic. GRAHAM was bouncing around the interior of the vehicle and became focused on the center console. Due to safety concerns, I radioed Somerville Dispatch my location and to start another officer for back-up. Ofc. Khoury, Ofc. Bork, Ofc. Ruf, and Sgt. Capasso all responded to my location.

        At this point I asked GRAHAM what he was doing in the back of the car wash. He stated that he was cleaning his vehicle because he is a Lyft driver. I told him that when I drove by him, he was sleeping, and that I was there to check on his well being.

        Upon Ofc. Khoury’s arrival, I ordered GRAHAM out of the vehicle and requested that he place his hands on the roof of the vehicle to conduct a pat frisk for any weapons. Immediately upon frisking GRAHAM, he disregarded my order to keep his hands on the roof and reached towards his pockets. I stopped GRAHAM and again ordered his hands back onto the vehicle. GRAHAM was unable to answer basic questions (where he was coming from, where he was going) without removing his hands from the vehicle. I asked GRAHAM why he was so nervous, and if he had anything in the vehicle that I should be aware of. GRAHAM responded “No.”

        As Sgt. Capasso observed my interaction with GRAHAM, he advised me that GRAHAM may be under the influence of a narcotic. Stg. Capasso has prior training and experience as Somerville Narcotic Investigator. At this point, I conducted a frisk of the interior of the vehicle, mainly focusing on the center console, which was where GRAHAM focused on at the beginning of our interaction.

        As I opened the center console, I observed a glass pipe with burnt residue on the bowl. This type of pipe is commonly used by crystal meth smokers. Next to the pipe, was a small, clear glass jar containing a white powdery substance. Sgt. Capasso informed me that the white powder appeared to be crystal meth. Also located in the center console were three cut straws, commonly used to ingest powdered narcotics. There was also a camouflage bag with two different bags of marihuana.

        Based on these findings, I placed GRAHAM under arrest for possession of a class B substance. The vehicle was towed from the scene.





Ofc. A. Lorenti #322

Somerville Police


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