Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Denise PEREZ (Larceny) & William DONOVAN (Shoplifting, Poss. Burglarious Instument, Removal of Theft Detection Device)Sals Fifth Ave at Assembly Row

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, while working full uniformed patrol for the Alpha Unit, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was contacted on my department issued cell phone by Off Saks Fifth Ave Loss Prevention Officer, XXXXX. XXXXX stated she had witnessed a female wearing a black jacket, a multi colored scarf, and black sneakers, conceal a white shirt. XXXXX also stated the suspect was with a Hispanic male, wearing a black jacket, jeans and a baseball hat, and a white male with a large tattoo on his face, with long hair, and blue cargo pants. XXXXX stated the white male entered the fitting room with multiple objects.


I contacted Officer Van Nostrand and told him of the incident, he provided me with back up. XXXXX told me that the group had left out of the Canal Street exit and walked eastbound on Grand Union Blvd. XXXXX also stated she found a broken censor that was cut off of a pair of jeans.


I headed down Grand Union and noticed the group walking towards the Assembly Row T station, on Foley Street. I stopped the group with Officer Van Nostrand, and Sgt. Capasso. I asked the female, identified as Denise Perez, where the white shirt was and she stated she didn’t have a white shirt. I told her she was on camera concealing the white shirt, she immediately reached in her backpack and started moving things around. I ordered her to stop reaching in her bag and she said I didn’t take anything. She continued to reach in the bag moving things around. I took the bag from her and looked inside. There was a pair of old black sneakers, a white shirt with Saks tag, and two pairs of sunglasses with Saks tags. She finally stated “Fine I’ll admit it I took the shirt.”


I then spoke to the white male, Identified as William Donovan, he stated that he did not take anything. He was very nervous and continuously walking around and reaching in his pockets. I told him three times to stop reaching in his pockets. Sgt Capasso had me put Mr. Donovan in handcuffs for officer safety until we were done with our investigation. Sgt Capasso then informed me that Mr. Donovan was trying to kick an object under the container he was sitting on. Upon further investigation, we discovered wire cutters. Donovan immediately stated “that is all I had, I was scared.” I patted Donovan down and noticed he was wearing multiple pairs of pants. Mr. Donovan told me he had only his pants and boxers on. I pulled his cargo pants out, to make sure he had no weapon in his waistband, and noticed he was wearing a pair of True Religion jeans under his outer most layer. He the stated That is all I took, I’m scared.”


There was a third party with the group, YYYYY, who was carrying a knife, but had no merchandise from the store in his possession.


XXXXX arrived on scene and identified the merchandise stolen from her store. She also stated the boots that Ms. Perez was wearing were stolen from her store, she also provided me a picture of Ms. Perez entering the store wearing the black Jordan sneakers in her back pack.


I placed Perez under arrest for the charge of Larceny over 250. I also placed Donovan under Arrest for the charge of Shoplifting, Possession of Burglarious Tools and Removal of a Theft Detection Device. Unit 200(Officer Moreira) transported the defendants to the Somerville Police station, where they were booked by the Commander (Lt. Jeff Digregorio) per the usual manner.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Patrick Canty 306


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