Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Christian AHEARN (Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, Poss. Class E)

On the morning of February 6th, 2017, while in uniform, I was assigned to marked unit East-1. At 12:54 AM, I was traveling west bound on Broadway when I observed three parties, two females and one male walking east bound. The two females appeared to be upset and one appeared to be crying. Both females were walking away from the male at a fast pace. I activated my blue lights and stopped all three parties in front of 115 Broadway, (East Branch Library).

        I asked all three parties to sit down. I then asked one of the females, who was later identified as XXXXX, what occurred prior to me driving by them. At this point the male party was screaming and yelling. I could smell alcohol coming from his breath. I asked him to calm down and stop screaming. He shouted “go f*** yourself.” I asked the unknown male again to stop screaming. He continued to speak to me in a rude manner. I would like to note that there were many people on Broadway and some stopped to see what was going on. I asked the unknown male if he had a license. He did not answer me, and started to reach in his jacket pockets with both his arms. I asked him to take his hands out if his pockets which he did not. He stood up and started screaming at me, shouting “you have no right doing this.” It was at this point I effected an arm bar take down and radioed to Somerville Dispatch to send additional units to my location. The unknown male continued to pull away from me. XXXXX grabbed my right arm and attempted to get me to let go of the unknown male.

        Once Ofc. Prophete, Ofc. Beckford, Ofc. Ramirez, Ofc. Bork, and Lt. DeOliveira arrived on scene, I allowed the unknown male to get up and I told him to place his hands behind his back. I placed my handcuffs on him consistent to my training. I searched the unknown male and located his license. He was identified as Mr. Christian AHEARN. I was explaining to him why he was placed into handcuffs when he turned around screaming and pulled away from me. I then effected a leg sweep on OHEARN.

        AHEARN was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Ofc. Berrouet , and booked by Lieutenant Lavey in accordance with department policy.

        AHEARN was charged with C. 272 S. 53, Disorderly conduct, C. 268 S. 32b, Resisting arrest, and 94C S. 34I, Posses class E drug.

        Once at booking, Ofc. Hartsgrove conducted an inventory search. He discovered two yellow pills with the writing “IG322” on them, in AHEARN’S right jacket pocket. During the routine booking process, AHEARN was asked if he was taking any medications, to which he stated no. AHEARN was asked what kind of pills he had on his person. He stated that he had Suboxone, however upon further investigation, Ofc. Hartsgrove informed me that the pills were Gabapentin. Gabapentin is prescribed for pain and people with alcohol withdrawals and is also commonly used to get high.



Respectfully submitted,

Ofc. Alex Lorenti #322

Somerville Police Department.


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