Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Christopher MCBRIDE (Counterfeit Receipt)at Home Depot 


On January 08, 2017, at approximately 14:40 hours, I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as Alpha 3, was informed by Officer Schneider that an employee from The Home Depot, XXXXX, was pursuing a shoplifter near the AMC theatre in Assembly Row. 


Once on scene, Officer Schneider and I spoke to XXXXX who stated that a white male, thin build, with black hair and wearing a gray jacket and blue jeans, stole a laser level from The Home Depot. He stated that the shoplifter fled on foot towards Assembly Row, near the AMC Theatre. While speaking to XXXXX, Officer Anderson and Officer VanNostrand arrived as back up. All of the responding units, along with XXXXX, searched the area and located the suspect in front of Tony C’s Bar and Grill, 699 Assembly Row. I identified the suspect as Christopher McBride and informed him that he was under arrest for shoplifting. Mr. McBride apologized for stealing and stated that he ran away from the store because he was scared. Mr. McBride was then transported to the station, via 200, by Officer VanNostrand.


While Mr. McBride was being transported to the station, XXXXX informed me that while conducting floor surveillance at The Home Depot, he observed Mr. McBride, in front of a display, looking around. He then stated that he observed Mr. McBride selecting a Bosch laser level, with a retail value of $269, from the display, and carried it to the plumbing department. He stated that he observed Mr. McBride rip off a product code label from a pipe, and then placing it on the Bosch laser level. He then stated that Mr. McBride walked to the self service checkout area where he held the Bosch laser level and scanned the attached product code label that was for the pipe. He stated that Mr. McBride then scanned another small item and paid for the merchandise, totaling $9.11. Once inside the vestibule, XXXXX stated that he attempted to stop Mr. McBride by identifying himself and requesting that he bring the merchandise back to the store, but Mr. McBride refused and fled on foot towards the Assembly Square area. He stated that Mr. McBride dropped the merchandise and he continued to pursue him. 


Once at the station, Mr. McBride was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Lt. Rymill and charged with price tag fraud. A picture of the merchandise and a copy of the receipt will be attached to this report. 


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Joseph Rivera #309

Somerville Police Department


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