Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Benji GUERRIER (Firearm Carry w/Ammo, Resisting Arrest, etc.) & Pedro MONTEIRO (Firearm Carry w/Ammo, PWID Class D, etc.)

At approximately 8:45 PM (July 27th), Detectives, along with members of the Narcotic Unit, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx after observing several males drinking Corona’s in the basketball court near a make-shift vigil for an East Somerville resident who recently passed away. Two of males in the basketball court are affiliated with the MP45 gang, Pedro Monteiro aka ” XXXX ” and XXXX, hereinafter referred to as JUVENILE. While observing the males drinking on school grounds, a custodian came out of the school and began throwing away the group’s empty Corona bottles. Upon seeing the custodian, the group exited the basketball court with their alcohol and moved towards the rear of the school’s loading dock.

Detectives approached the group as a result of the underage / open container violations. As we approached the group, I noticed a black Ford Expedition parked directly across from loading dock. I was unaware of the identity of the operator of the vehicle, but took immediate notice of the front seat passenger, Mr. Benji Guerrier.

On July 15, 2019, Mr. Guerrier was in the back seat of a vehicle when a silver Ruger Mark II .22 caliber was recovered from the glove box. The two front seat occupants were placed under arrest, one of which is affiliated with “MP45.” As a result of this incident, I immediately became concerned for my safety, and engaged the two occupants in conversation.

During the short conversation, I informed them that the vigil located in the basketball court will eventually have to be removed, and out of respect for their deceased friend, I explained how the glass bottles are a hazard to young children playing on the school’s campus. Despite the casual conversation, I noticed the operator becoming increasingly nervous, as he was unable to keep his hands still and placed his hands by the lower portion of his seat. I told him to keep his hands by the steering wheel so I could see them, and asked him if there was any guns in vehicle. The operator, later identified as XXXX, and the passenger, denied being in possession of a gun, and admitted to only having weed on them. I told both XXXX and Guerrier that I could care less if they had weed on them, and was only concerned for guns. I began to explain that if they had a gun on them, to let me know immediately, as it was an obvious safety concern / threat to myself, my co-workers, and themselves. Again, they denied being in possession of a firearm, and upon doing so, XXXX’s hands dropped towards the lower portion of his seat. I grabbed a hold of XXXX ‘s hand, and could feel the pulse (wrist area) beating rapidly. While XXXX explained that he was afraid of the Police, Guerrier quickly opened the passenger door and sprinted towards the basketball court. While running, Guerrier reached into his right pants pocket and threw a bundle of cash into the air. I began to run after Guerrier, and while doing so, I noticed Guerrier’s left hand drop towards his waistband. Through my training and experience, which includes characteristics of armed suspects, Guerrier’s body language was consistent with that of someone carrying a firearm in their waistband.

While Guerrier ran through the basketball court onto Cross Street, I believed I saw the grip end of a firearm sticking out from under his clothing. I continued my pursuit of Guerrier from Cross Street onto Everett Ave and notified Somerville Dispatch of my situation / location, and advised Dispatch via radio that Benji Guerrier was in possession of a gun. From Everett Ave, Guerrier ran right (north bound) onto McGrath Highway, where I briefly lost sight of him upon exiting Lang’s Dental Center. Guerrier ran past Otis Street towards Bonair Street, where I again lost sight of him. As I got to Bonair Street, I heard Officer Berrouet calling out that he had the suspect crossing McGrath Highway. Officer Berrouet was able to secure Guerrier without incident on the island separating the north and south lanes of McGrath Highway. I frisked Guerrier and realized that he was no longer in possession of a firearm.

Based on the fact that Mr. Guerrier was not in possession of a firearm after being stopped by Ofc. Berrouet, a search of Mr. Guerrier’s route of travel was initiated. With the assistance of several Officer’s, along with Officer Sullivan and his K9 Lobo, Officer’s conducted a canvas search of the route taken by Mr. Guerrier during the foot pursuit. While checking the backyard of 4X Otis Street, Officer Messoudi located a black semi-automatic Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9mm with an defaced serial number. Officer Messoudi made contact with the property’s occupants, and notified them of our discovery. While in the backyard, owner / victim XXXX noticed the top post of his railing was broken and resting on the patio floor, in between the stairs and the firearm. XXXX confirmed that this broken post was new damage, and believed it was a result of the firearm being thrown into backyard (photos will be attached).

As a result of the firearm recovery, Mr. Guerrier is being charged with the following:
1) Carry firearm with ammunition
2) Firearm with defaced serial number
3) Wanton defacement of property – fence post
4) Resisting arrest

Please refer to Detective Costa’s report in regards to the arrest of Pedro Monteiro and subsequent recovery of a second firearm. Please refer to Detective Cicerone’s supplemental report in regards to evidence seized.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Sergeant Michael Capasso #285

The following is a brief summary to incident #19042549.

On 07/26/2019, I was assigned to the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit as Delta-22. At approximately 8:45pm, I along with Sgt Detective’s Capasso and Rego along with Detectives Pasqualino, Cicerone, Legros, McNally and I, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx numerous MP45/Eastville Gang Members, who were drinking beers and pouring beers on the XXXX Vigil located in the basketball courts of the East Somerville School. After observing these individuals for about 45 minutes, Detectives then approached these individuals who were now drinking beers on the East Somerville School loading dock located on the Rush Street side of the school.

At that time, Sgt Detective’s Capasso and Rego along with Detectives Pasqualino, Cicerone, Legros, McNally and I, approached these individuals to conduct a threshold inquiry. Once we approached these individuals Sgt Capasso observed Benji Guerrier sitting on the passenger seat of a black Ford Expedition (Ma reg xxxx) in the parking lot of the school by the group. I would note that Guerrior was involved/present in a gun possession arrest on 07/15/2019 (incident# 19040218). At this time Sgt Capasso approached Guerrier as Sgt Detective Rego and Detectives approached a Small group standing on the loading dock. I would note that once Pedro Monteiro observed Detectives approach the loading dock, he immediately grabbed a red North Face Backpack that was on the ground and put it on and began to look at the stairs. I would note that the SPD Drug/Gang Units has received information in the past, stating that Monteiro is in possession of a firearm. At this point Sgt Detective Rego ordered Monteiro to drop the Backpack, which Monteiro refused to do. At this point Sgt Rego and I Approached Monteiro to Pat frisk him and his Backpack for weapons.

At this point I removed the Backpack from Monteiro and began to Pat frisk the bag, as Sgt Rego Pat frisked Montiero Person. Once I removed the backpack from Monteiro I observed that the backpack was weighed down by an object in the Bag. I then felt an item in the bag to be shaped like a gun. At this point I opened the bag and observed a loaded Wheat Ridge, Co 22LR Firearm along with a hammer and numerous bags of Marijuana.

At this Point Sgt Rego and I Placed Monteiro in handcuffs. Pedro Monteiro was then advised that he was being Placed under arrest for possession of the firearm. At this Point Monteiro advised Sgt Rego and I, That he needed the gun for his protection. I would also note that the large amount of Marijuana found in the backpack is consistent with someone who will possess with the intent to distribute them. Please See Detective Cicerone supplement report regarding all evidence seized.

Respectfully Submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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