Here’s this Week’s Somervillen Voice Topic of The Week” Choice and You Decide!”:Should Somerville Follow In Boston’s Steep Snow Removal Penalties?



By Bob Katzen


The House and Senate approved and sent to Gov. Baker legislation that would increase the maximum fines levied on Boston property owners who fail to shovel their sidewalks or throw their “private snow” onto the street or any other public property. Current fines are capped at $200. The bill would increase the maximum fine to $1,500. The measure, already approved by the Boston City Council, requires that unpaid fines are added to property tax bills.

  Supporters said that the illegal dumping of residential or commercial snow on public roads makes the already difficult snow removal process worse, raises the city’s costs and increases safety risks for drivers. They noted that failure to remove snow from sidewalks is dangerous and can seriously injure someone and even result in death.

Opponents said a $1,500 fine is excessive. 
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