Letter to the Editor: Somerville Has Good Cops


A few weeks ago I came across something that I have became to familiar with in the city of Somerville.
While at the gas station over on Cambridge street there was a homeless man being thrown out of the gas station for tying to get some coffee without paying for it. What came next is something I was not expecting, a police officer putting gas in his car walked up to the man and conversed with him for a few minutes before walking him over to the Dunkin Donuts to buy him a full meal and on top of that even gave him a few sweaters from the trunk of his car. I could not let this kind gesture go unnoticed so I approached the officer and let him know that I saw everything and his simple response was I am just doing what is right. The officer was wearing a Somerville police jacket with a small emblem above the police patch but I was not able to get his name but later I identified him as Somerville Police Auxiliary Officer Lucas Ribeiro
 -Katyln Rae 

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