Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Joshua JOYCE (B&E, Malicious Defacement of Property)

On December 17th, 2016, I, Officer Sousa, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in East-3. At approximately 4:07am, I responded with East-2 Ofc. Ramirez to 93 Highland Avenue for a motion alarm. (Incident #16079089)


Upon arrival, we checked the perimeter of the building, including all accessible windows and doors and did not find anything out of the ordinary. I cleared the call at 4:19am. I would like to note that an audible alarm was sounding but reset before we cleared.


After clearing, we received a call (Incident #16079089) for a drunk person in front of 95 Highland Avenue. I found a man, later identified as Mr. Joshua Joyce of 116 Sycamore Street outside with no jacket or sneakers on in the snow. Mr. Joyce stated that the last thing he remembered he woke up on what he thought was a pew in a church vomiting. He left the church and was outside in the street when he flagged down a car that was driving by. He stated that he had been out drinking with friends from work at the Thirsty Scholar when he blacked out. He didn’t remember when he left the bar or how he got to the church. Mr. Joyce also said that an alarm was going off when he left. He denied medical attention and stated that he just wanted to go home. I dropped off Mr. Joyce at 116 Sycamore Street in the care of his roommates.


I conducted a follow-up at City Hall (Incident #16079090) with Ofc. Ramirez and Sgt. Marino. We were able to determine that a panel on a door in the Alderman’s Chambers had been broken that was attached to the fire escape and the door was unlocked. A pair of shoes and a large puddle of vomit was also found in the chamber. 


We went back to 116 Sycamore Street (Incident #16079093) and we were able to get in contact with Mr. Joyce. I read his Miranda rights off a card which he stated that he understood. I then asked him to take a look at the pair of shoes that I had brought from City Hall. Mr. Joyce said that those were his beat up shoes. I then informed Mr. Joyce that I would be placing him under arrest. Mr. Joyce was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Unit 200 Ofc. Khoury and booked in the usual manner by Lt. Rymill. 


Mr. Joyce was charged with





Respectfully submitted,


Ofc. Sousa


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