By Bob Katzen

   House 151-0, (no Senate roll call) approved a new law that allows donors to contribute the maximum $1,000 twice per year to a candidate who runs for the Legislature in a special election and a regular election in the same year. Prior law only allowed donors to give a maximum of $1,000 in any calendar year. The new law was in effect for the 2016 election.

    Supporters say it is unfair for a candidate who runs in a special election and then runs for re-election in the same year to be limited to $1,000 per donor for the entire year. They argue that prior law gave an advantage to some candidates who were only running in the regular election.

   (A “Yes” vote is for the new law.)

 Rep. Christine Barber Yes Rep. Denise Provost Yes Rep. Timothy Toomey Yes                                     

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