Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kahlil WALTER (Larceny, Poss. Class B) at Assemby Row Saks Fifth Ave

On Sunday, November 27, 2016, while on full uniform patrol for the Alpha Unit, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was contacted on my department issued cell phone by Saks Fifth Avenue’s Loss Prevention Associate, XXXXX. XXXXX stated that a black male wearing a dark colored shirt, dark sweat pants a red beanie and black backpack, was concealing merchandise inside a black jacket he selected off the rack. She then told me he picked up a stack of True Religion Jeans and was heading for the door without attempting to pay for the merchandise. My Partner (Officer Devin Schneider) and I were already in the area and we witnessed a black male fitting the description exit Saks door in a full sprint holding numerous clothing articles. We exited our police cruiser and ordered the defendant to stop. The defendant stopped and was taken in to custody without incident. I would like to note that the security censors were all beeping when the defendant was stopped. This is a security measure that stores use to identify merchandise that was not paid for.


Once the Defendant was placed under arrest, we attempted to identify him. The defendant had no form of Identification, and provided the name, KAHLIL WALTER, Officer Schneider wrote the name down as the defendant spelled out each letter. Officer Schneider then placed the paper in front of the defendant and asked him to confirm he had the correct information. The defendant stated it was correct. Officer Schneider then queried the information on our cruiser’s mobile computer and the information came back with no records found. The defendant stated he was from Boston, and grew up there his whole life.


Upon searching the defendant, incident to arrest, I found three homemade pipes, one was made of glass, and was stuffed with a Brillo pad, a technique drug users use to smoke their drug. The defendant also had a piece of tin foil with some burnt residue on it, also a technique used to burn the drugs for inhalation. The defendant also had a plastic bag filled with white pills with the mark A333 concealed in his sock. The defendant immediately claimed those are Tylenol. I contacted D18 (Fernando Cicerone) of the Somerville Police Narcotics Unit and he identified the pills as Percocet 10 mg. I also had the Street Supervisor, SGT Mike Capasso, check them and he also identified the pills as Percocet 10. I would like to note Sgt Capasso was previously in the narcotics unit.


The stolen merchandise was returned to XXXXX and she provided me a receipt. The total amount of the stolen merchandise was 2135.79; it consisted of one jacket, one Gucci T shirt, and 6 pairs of True Religion jeans.


Based on the evidence above, I charged the defendant with Larceny Over 250 and Possession Class B drug. I logged the drugs into evidence, I would like to note that there were 39 full pills, 44 half pills, and white powder which appeared to be crushed up pills in the bottom of the bag.


Officer Brian Pavao arrived on scene and transported the defendant back to the Somerville Police Department in the transport wagon (Unit 200). I would like to note that Lt DeOliveira attempted to book the prisoner, but was unable too based on the defendant’s behavior. The defendant was then booked by Lt William Rymill per department policy.


I would like to note that the defendant was booked under the information he provided however his finger prints have not come back yet and his true identity is still unknown. The defendant stated he was homeless and refused to give an address where he receives his mail.



Respectfully submitted,


Officer Patrick Canty 306


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