Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to the Tumble Inn Diner on 3rd Year Anniversary

Dear Editor,

We want to congratulate the Tumble Inn Diner owned by Somervilles own Rick Scirocco, and Laurie Cunha of East Boston.  It’s location is 488 Lincoln Avenue in Saugus. Not far from Linden Square Malden/Revere line, or Rte 1.  This, being  their 3rd successful year in business, Rick praised his kitchen staff, and partner Laurie Cunha for her kitchen contributions. “We have our regular chef Antonio Carvalho,that makes many great dishes,  but Laurie brings a great cooking skill to our establishment. She makes incredible dishes from scratch that people look for outside the home. Her soups, her ,red sauce, and her overall performance in the kitchen draws in our many repeat customers! We thrive because of our unique home style service that people enjoy. Laurie added,” We are not just  a great place to enjoy breakfast and lunch.. ”  Laurie started cooking at the young child age 8 ,”I always had an interest in  cooking as a hobby,  learning to cook, by watching cooking shows.” Her many years of practice earned her the praise that she demonstrates regularly.  Both owners, working two jobs to make ends meat,, , they manage to keep everything in order. Contributing to their many fundraising activities also keep them very busy. Participating each year in donating meals to the Veterans, theTaste of Italy, The Taste of Education, Toys for Tots through Mass Badge and Senator Sal Didomenico to list just a few. A great asset to the restaurant community. We wish them well in the future and recommend that you stop in and give them your patronage.

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