Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Momadou DARBOE (Disorderly Conduct & East Boston Warrant)

On Tuesday November 1, 2016 while on full uniformed patrol, I officer Patrick Canty was working for the Alpha unit patrolling the Assembly Square Mall. I received a call on my department issued cell phone from an unidentified member of the Assembly Mall private security. This party told me they had received a complaint from the employees in Express about a suspicious male. I responded to Express and was told a black male, wearing a light colored hoodie, grey and white camo skinny pants, and a grey winter hat, had been acting erratic in the store. He ripped a shirt from an employee and threw it on a table, and then he was spinning and jumping around. When they informed him they would call security, he fled the store walking on Grand Union. The employees seemed concerned he may be on drugs.


I left Express and searched the area, I noticed a black male wearing a light colored hoodie, grey hat and black and white camo pants. The male made eye contact with me and immediately entered J Crew. I parked my vehicle and started to walk toward J Crew. The male, later identified as Momodou Darboe, tried to walk briskly past me. I asked him if he would stop and talk to me. He immediately became aggressive, screaming that he has rights and to go f*** myself. I explained to him that I had received a call about his well being and I was checking to make sure he was ok. Mr. Darboe took a fighting stance and started screaming that he would be respected. He told me that he was here to avenge his great grandparents and that he would make me a slave. Mr. Darboe then spit at my feet. I asked Mr. Darboe to calm down, and he began to yell that this is America and he had rights.


I called for a second unit, based on Mr. Darboe’s behavior. Officer Chris Collette and Officer Henry Diaz responded as back up. Upon seeing additional units, Mr. Darboe began to scream f*** you mother f***ers. He began clenching his fists, and becoming more boisterous in his behavior. I asked Mr. Darboe for some identification and he provided me with a college ID. I asked for his date of birth and he stated xx/xx/xxxx. Officer Collette ran his information through his mobile unit and got no records found. Officer Collette then ran his name with no DOB, and found his true identify to be Momodou Darboe YY/YY/YYYY. It was also revealed that Mr. Darboe had a warrant issued for his arrest out of Boston District Court. I told Mr. Darboe that he had a warrant and he said F*** that f***ing warrant, it’s a bull shit charge. I missed court, f*** court. Take me to court so I can leave a free man, this country is a joke. Fuck that warrant and f*** you. I asked Mr. Darboe to calm down several times during this time, and each time he replied f*** you. I would like to note that a large group had begun to gather, causing a disturbance in the flow of traffic. The cars were stopping to watch the commotions, and pedestrians could not navigate the sidewalk safely. We were also located near Lego Land which is a popular spot for children. I tried to tell Mr. Darboe that the children can hear him and to please stop cussing. Mr. Darboe stated f*** those kids they are mother f***ers. He then stated while screaming take these cuffs off and we will handle this like men. He began to scream and kick his feet at us.


The transport wagon (Officer Brian Pavao) arrived and transported the defendant back to the Somerville Police station where he was booked per department policy by the commander LT. Mulcahy.


He was booked for the warrant and the additional charge of Disorderly Conduct.


Respectfully submitted,



Officer Patrick Canty 306


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