Real Life Somerville Police Stories:James MEUSE (OUI Liquor; 2nd Offense, Negligent Operation of MV, Poss. Dangerous Weapon)

On 10/20/2016, I , Officer Joseph S. Teves was working in full uniform, assigned to marked cruiser west 7. I was at the intersection of Holland Street and Cameron Ave. when I witnessed a Grey Toyota Scion spin its tires as it made a left hand turn off of Cameron Ave. onto Holland Street. At first I contributed this to the wet pavement , however the operator did not take any kind of corrective action to regain traction. In fact the noise was growing increasingly louder indicating that the operator in question was still accelerating.


At this point I activated my emergency lights and pulled out onto Holland street in an attempt to stop the motor vehicle in question. I was able to catch up to the motor vehicle in at the intersection of Holland Street and Broadway. the vehicle pulled off to the right side of the road. I was about to exit my cruiser when the motor vehicle in question began to drive again, bearing right onto Curtis Street. I was still behind the motor vehicle in question with my emergency lights on and I was signaling with my cruisers siren for the individual to stop. Finally the motor vehicle came to rest at the intersection of Curtis Street and Electric Ave.


I radioed dispatched and informed them of my location and requested another unit to assist. I exited my cruiser and approached the operator of the motor vehicle in question, who was identified as James Meuse. I asked Mr. Meuse for his driver’s license and registration. After a few minutes of Mr. Meuse fumbling around with paperwork, I was handed a temporary Massachusetts license. I asked Mr. Meuse for his registration once again . Mr. Meuse did not reply but looked down at the paper in my hand as if what I was holding was his registration. I informed Mr. Meuse that what he had given me was a temporary license and not a registration. Mr. Meuse then replied oh that is not it and then took another couple minutes to produce his vehicles registration.


As I was standing at the side of the vehicle, waiting for the requested paperwork. I began to smell the strong odor of what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage. I asked Mr. Meuse if he had anything to drink this evening. Mr. Meuse stated that he had worked hard and that he had a few beers to drink, and that he just wanted to get home. I looked at Mr. Meuse’s eyes and they were visibly bloodshot, and there was an occasional slur to Mr. Muse’s speech. At this time Officer Chris Collette in west 6, and Officer Mark Nevin in west 5 arrived to assist. I asked Mr. Meuse to sit tight and I returned to my cruiser to inform officer Collette and Officer Nevin what was happening. I then returned to Mr. Meuse and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Mr. Meuse reluctantly exited his vehicle and was pleading for me to let him drive home. We escorted Mr. Meuse away from his vehicle and informed Mr. Meuse that we would be performing a standardized field sobriety test. Immediately Mr. Meuse informed me that he was refusing to perform any kind of test.


At this point Officer Collette ordered Mr. Meuse to place his hands behind his back. Mr. Meuse was handcuffed and then searched. Mr. Meuse was found to be in possession of a knife longer than 2.5 inches in length, which is in violation of the city’s ordinance that is in place. The knife was removed from Mr. Meuse and placed in my cruiser. Mr. Meuse also had three (3) twenty dollar bills in his left rear pocket. I removed the money and walked around the front of Mr. Meuse. I counted out the money and placed the money in Mr. Meuse’s wallet which was in Mr. Meuse’s right front pocket. While we were waiting for unit 200 to arrive I returned Mr. Meuse’s registration to the vehicle’s glove box. I then returned to Mr. Meuse and placed Mr. Meuse’s temporary license in the front pocket of his sweat shirt, Mr. Meuse said thank you. I would like to note that Mr. Meuse was making many spontaneous utterances while we were on location. Even promising me that he would quit drinking if I released him. Officer Mark Nevin then removed his Miranda card from his breast pocket and read Mr. Meuse his rights as they were listed on the card. Mr. Meuse did not respond to Officer Nevin when Officer Nevin asked Mr. Meuse if he understood his right as they had been read to him.


After a few minutes unit 200 arrived , operated by Officer Brian Pavao. I escorted Mr. Meuse to the back of the mobile detention unit so that Mr. Meuse could be placed in the rear passenger compartment. I informed Officer Pavao that I had already performed a search of Mr. Meuse’s person. However I suggested that Officer Pavao perform a search as well prior to placing Mr. Meuse into unit 200. Officer Pavao asked Mr. Meuse if there was anything in Mr. Meuse’s pockets that may harm him. Mr. Meuse replied ” Ya I have a knife in my pocket”. I informed Mr. Meuse that the knife was no longer there due to the fact that we had removed it from Mr. Meuse’s pocket earlier. Officer Pavao then asked Mr. Meuse if he had his identification Mr. Meuse replied ” No they have it”. Again I informed Mr. Meuse that I placed his identification in the front pocket of his sweatshirt only a few minutes ago. Mr. Meuse was then placed into the rear passenger compartment and was transported back to the Somerville Police Dept. to be booked by Lt. DeOlivera. At the police station Mr. Meuse refused to submit to blood alcohol testing. As a result Mr. Meuse was entered in as a refusal. Mr. Meuse’s drivers license was then confiscated. Mr. Meuse was issued a criminal citation # R7639363 For Operating under the influence of liquor 2nd offense, as well as negligent operation and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph S. Teves #297

Somerville Police Dept.


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