Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Claudio FONTOURA (B&E & Somerville Warrant) & J David DOHERTY (B&E)

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, while assigned to marked unit East-1, I was dispatched to 8 Mt. Pleasant Street for a check condition.


Upon arrival, I immediately recognized the house and knew it was uninhabited. The house is currently owned by company known as Lolastar LLC. I walked up to front door and turned the door knob. As I did this, the door opened slightly as it was not completely secured. I announced myself as “Somerville Police,” heard no response, and continued into the house.


I radioed in to Somerville Control that I was in the house and proceeded to search room to room on the first floor. As I reached the last room, I opened the door and found a male, lying on the floor, who appeared to be unresponsive. I shouted out “Sir? Sir? Are you ok?” several times with no response. I then came around to where his face was and saw that his eyes were opened. I then recognized this male to be “J” David Doherty. I asked David if he was ok and he stated “I’m fine.” I then informed David that I was there to check on him. I then asked David if he had taken any drugs or if he wanted to harm himself. He said “No.” I then told David that he was not allowed to be in here and that he was committing a crime by being there.


At this time, Officers Sousa and Gee arrived on scene. We then led David outside to the front porch. When we asked David to take a seat, he tried to walk away and refused to stop. Officer Gee and I then grabbed David and he tensed up and became hostile, screaming and swearing at us to let him go. Officer Gee and I struggled with David as he kept tensing up, making it hard for us to bring his arms behind his back. Once we were able to handcuff him, I informed David that he was under arrest for breaking and entering. We then sat David down on the stairs as Sgt. Macarelli and Officer Costa Goncalves arrived on scene. David became very belligerent, screaming and swearing, threatening Officer Gee saying “I’ll take you down to the boxing club!” 


Officers Costa Goncalves, Gee, and Sousa then went back inside the house to check the second floor and basement for others. I then radioed to Somerville Control to start an ambulance to make sure David was medically ok. As Cataldo arrived on scene with Somerville Fire, Officers Gee, Sousa, and Costa Goncalves came out of the house with two more individuals. These individuals were then identified as XXXXX, and the second defendant, Claudio Fontoura. A WMS check of both parties found Fontoura to have a default warrant for Unlicensed Operation (90/10/A) and OUI Liquor (90/24/J). XXXXX was cooperative with us and after being thoroughly advised, he was sent on his way. I radioed Somerville Control to send the prisoner transport wagon to our location as I had two parties under arrest.


After marked unit 200 arrived, both David and Fontoura were then searched and placed inside the wagon where they were transported to the Somerville Police Department and booked by the shift commander, Lt. Digregorio. Both Doherty and Fontoura were charged with Breaking and Entering Daytime for Misdemeanor (266/16/A).





Respectfully submitted,






Officer Ashley Catatao #299


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