Letter to the Editor:In Response to Recent Somerville News Weekly Article- Mr Death, Fred A.Leuchter Jr., Working in Somerville at Home Depot

Dear Somerville News Weekly,

As you requested, I am writing you about the Article you wrote on me that appeared in The Somerville News Weekly. Your source websites were apparently all Jewish controlled or affiliated including Wikepedia. I have spoken with them all in the past but they refuse to print the truth. I hope you will. There are some websites that do tell the truth and I refer you the the IHR (Institute of Historical Review) Website. I do not intend to make a big affair over this and would appreciate your printing my comments on the lies promoted about me.

I was Never on Probation and never plead to sufficient facts for a conviction. All charges were dismissed by the Court as per Agreement of the District Attorney’s Office, the Licensing Board and myself. The Details of said Agreement are prohibited from being made public by Order of the Court and the Record of the Proceedings expunged from the Court Records.
I was never divorced. My first wife passed away several years ago and am presently married to my second wife who does not want to be identified.
I am a Certified Expert on Execution Technology and Electrocution Technology in the United States Federal Court and State Systems, Canada and Germany. My Testimony was never rejected by any court.
Lies were spread through the United States by the B’nai Brith (ADL), Jewish Officials and Jewish Legislators in various states that caused me to lose my career and business. My person was threatened by the JDL (and others) and my house was firebombed. I was unable to get work thereafter. My friends and employers were also threatened.
I am not a Holocaust denier. I am simply an expert who has defended myself, my work, my expertise and my good name, publicly.

I would appreciate your publishing this in response to the material you published earlier.
Please send me a copy of the edition you publish with my response.

Thank you,
Fred Leuchter
Read prior-original Somerville News Weekly Article:

Mr Death, Fred A.Leuchter Jr., Working in Somerville

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