Somerville What The Fluff Festival Union Square 2016

Photos by Frank Santangelo 

By William Tauro 

Now in its 11th year, “What the Fluff? A Tribute to Union Square Invention” is a madcap festival honoring the invention of Marshmallow Fluff. This fun-filled event draws over 12,000 people and is cited as one of the reasons why Lonely Planet named Somerville in the top 10 “Best In The US” travel destinations for 2016. 
Thousands gathered in Union Square Somerville this past Saturday and joined in huge numbers for a celebration of the genius of Archibald Query, who invented Fluff right in Union Square in 1917. 
Artists, musicians, theatrical performers, culinary geniuses and the general public paid tribute to this great American creation in a zany, fun-filled festival. 
The 11th annual event featured musical performances, a cooking contest, fluff-themed games, activities, antics and fun for every age, and Fluff treats of every sort. 
With this year’s theme of “Fluff U: A Sweet Education”, they’ve transformed the beloved Union Square into Fluff lovers very own sticky, sweet campus.
“What the Fluff?” A Tribute to Union Square Invention was presented by Union Square Main Streets as part of the Somerville Arts Council/ArtsUnion

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