Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Johnny HINES (Larceny Under x2)

I, Officer Michael Marra, report the following summary of events based on direct and indirect interview with the persons named.


          On Tuesday September 6, 2016, I, Officer Marra, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 781, patrolling area E1, for the Somerville Police Department. Riding with me was Officer Catatao #299. At approximately 10:40 am we were informed by Detective Pulli #D13 of an individual which he had observed shoplifting from K-Mart (77 Middlesex Ave, Somerville, MA) and Stop & Shop (775 McGrath Highway, Somerville MA). Detective Pulli provided us with a description of a black male wearing a black puffy jacket and black sunglasses inside the Stop & Shop.


         Upon our arrival to Stop & Shop, Detective Pulli updated us that the suspect had left the store and was traveling across the parking lot on foot. We were able to locate the suspect and stopped him in front of the store. We identified the suspect as Johnny Hines. I observed an open tote bag in Hines’ hand which contained several items of clothing in plain view with K-Mart tags still affixed to them. I read Hines his Miranda rights from a card that I carry and he said he understood them. I asked Hines if he had paid for any of the items in the bag, he stated he did not. I additionally observed a K-Mart tag affixed to the black jacket which Hines was wearing; I asked him if he had paid for the jacket, he stated he did not. Upon requesting Hines to remove the jacket, I noticed a K-Mart tag affixed to the long-sleeve tee-shirt which he was wearing. I asked Hines if he had paid for the shirt, he stated he did not. K-Mart loss prevention specialist XXXXX confirmed the total amount of the articles of clothing to be valued at $124.95.


          Also in the tote bag were five bags of frozen shrimp, I asked Hines if he had paid for them and he stated that he taken them from Stop & Shop and not paid for them. The bags of shrimp were returned to Stop & Shop and valued at a total of $109.90.


          Hines was transported back to the station by unit 200 and booked by Lt. A. Rymill. Hines will be charged with the following:

        MGL Chapter 266 Section 30: Larceny Under $250 – 2 counts



Respectfully submitted,




Officer Michael Marra #338


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