Real Life Somerville Police Stories:George WEBB (Carry Dangerous Weapon)

On Friday, September 9th, 2016, I, Officer Devin Schneider, was in full uniform while assigned to the Assembly Square unit. The following report is a summary of the events that I witnessed that day, as they pertain to incident #16056916:


At approximately 6:23 pm I responded to Kmart for a report of two shoplifters. The report was made by Kmart Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) XXXXX. XXXXX directed me to one of the suspects, later identified as George Webb, who was standing in the Kmart Vestibule. I stopped Mr. Webb and escorted him back to the Kmart Loss Prevention Office. The second suspect was identified as YYYYY.


I queried Mr. Webb’s name and date of birth through Somerville Dispatch via radio. Dispatch informed me that Mr. Webb had two active warrants for his arrest. A short time later, Officer Timothy Van Nostrand (East-1) and Officer Chris Collette (East-4) arrived on scene.


I placed Mr. Webb in handcuffs in a manner consistent with my training, and double locking the handcuffs. While frisking Mr. Webb, I felt a hard object consistent with the feel of a flashlight in his left pants pocket. I asked Mr. Webb what the object was, and he stated it was a flashlight. I know, based on my training and experience, that weapons can sometimes be designed to look like a flashlight. I removed the flashlight and observed that it had two switches, and a button. My suspicion was raised, as I know that typical flashlights do not need multiple switches and buttons to operate.


I handed the flashlight to Officer Collette, alerting him of my suspicion as I continued to pat frisk Mr. Webb. A few seconds later, Officer Collette manipulated the flashlight and I heard the loud crack of electricity. I know based on my training and experience that an electrical stun gun makes this noise. After examining the flashlight, I was able to determine that the flashlight is in fact a stun gun designed to look like a flashlight.


Mr. Webb was transported back to the police station in prisoner transport unit 200, operated by Officer Robert Hartsgrove. At the station, Mr. Webb was booked in the usual manner by the Commanding Officer, Lt. William Rymill. I will be charging Mr. Webb with violation of M.A. General Law Ch. 269/ S. 10: Carrying a Dangerous Weapon.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295


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