Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Pedro HERRERA (Armed Robbery, Conspiracy, False Name & Somerville and Everett Warrants) & Miguel LOPEZ (Armed Robbery & Conspiracy)

On September 7th, 2016, I, Officer Sousa, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in the Alpha Unit. At approximately 12:30pm, I responded to Dunkin Donuts located at 76 Middlesex Avenue for an assault involving a knife. Dispatch informed the responding units that two Hispanic males had assaulted another Hispanic male outside of the Dunkin Donuts and fled under the overpass towards Stop and Shop. One of the males was carrying a back pack that had the words El Salvador on it. East-1 Ofc. Diaz and East-4 Ofc. Kim responded to the area of Stop and Shop to search for the suspects as I responded to the victim’s location.


I found the victim, XXXXX in a grass field located between the Dunkin Donuts and Public Storage which is located at 50 Middlesex Avenue. XXXXX stated that two Hispanic males had followed him from Taco Loco on lower Broadway to the area in front of the Dunkin Donuts. One of the males who was wearing a blue shirt with a brown sweater tied around his waist asked XXXXX to fight in the grassy area. XXXXX went over to that area and the man pulled up his shirt and showed XXXXX the handle of a knife that was tucked in his pants. The man said to give him his money. XXXXX handed the man a $5 bill and the two suspects fled towards Stop and Shop. The other suspect did not approach XXXXX during the incident. I radioed the description I had over the air and Ofc. Kim and Ofc. Diaz stopped two Hispanic males matching that description in the area of Blakely Avenue and McGrath Highway.


Ofc. Kim searched the defendant, Mr. Pedro Herrera who stated that the knife in the sneaker bag (with the words El Salvador on it) he was carrying didn’t belong to him and his friend had put it in there. A $5 bill was also found in his left front pocket. Mr. Herrera also was carrying a blue shirt in his hand. The knife, $5 bill, and blue t-shirt were confiscated and placed into evidence. The other defendant, Mr. Miguel Lopez was wearing a sweatshirt that was black and gray. The sweatshirt was also taken into evidence.


A showup was conducted by East-3 Ofc. Carroll and Ofc. Ubeda and a show-up form was filled out by Ofc. Carroll which will also be put into evidence. XXXXX identified the man wearing the black and grey sweatshirt, Mr. Miguel Lopez as the man who had taken his money and shown the knife. 


Mr. Herrera and Mr. Lopez were taken into custody and brought back to the station by Ofc. Goulart in marked unit 200. They were then booked in the usual manner by Lt. DiGregorio. During booking, Mr. Herrera gave a false name. Mr. Herrera had two outstanding arrest warrants that were served as well. Ofc. Goulart was able to find a pill bottle with Mr. Herrera’s real name on it in his possessions. 


Mr. Pedro Herrera was charged with MGL c.265/s.17 Armed Robbery, MGL c.274/s.7 Conspiracy and MGL c.268/s.34A Furnishing False Name or Social Security Number. Mr. Miguel A. Lopez was charged with MGL c.265/s.17 Armed Robbery and MGL c.274/s.7 Conspiracy.


Respectfully submitted,


Ofc. Sousa



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