Letter to the Editor:Candidate Fraud Suspected In Governors Council Race/Where Does Governor’s Council Candidate Richard DiMeo Live?

“A Search For The Truth.”  
Earlier this year several of candidate for Governor’s Council for the Sixth District Richard DiMeo’s nomination signatures were successfully challenged at a Ballot Law Commission hearing by candidate Stephen Borelli as being written by the same person. It now appears that Mr DiMeo may not be as forthwrite as should be expected from a candidate for public office. On all of Mr DiMeo’s nomination papers he lists his residence as 50 Monmouth Street, East Boston. Over the past few months letters that were written to him by the city of Medford and the Office of Campaign and Political Finance have been returned indicating that Mr DiMeo does not and has not lived at that address for three years. A review of the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds revealed that a member of Mr DiMeo’ s family sold the property on June 24, 2013. In addition, a photograph of the front door at 50 Monmouth Street does not list Mr DiMeo as living there. Finally, several of Mr DiMeo’s supporters truthfulness were also challenged at the previously held hearing. You be the judge, what is the truth?

On Governor’s Council Candidate Richard DiMeo’s nomination papers, it indicates that his residence is at 50 Monmouth Street in East Boston. Well, three letters addressed to him, one by the city of Medford and two by the state’s Offce of Campaign and Political Finance have been returned indicating that he does not live at that address. 
A review of the Suffolk County Register of Deeds records indicate that the building that the candidate supposedly lives in was sold by either himself or a family member on June 24, 2013. 
A recent picture taken of the front door indicates that Mr. DiMeo is not a resident of 50 Monmouth Street in East Boston. 
Mr. DiMeo submitted approximately 90 nomination papers indicating that his residence was 50 Monmouth street, East Boston Mass. 
Furthermore, it appears that a couple of individuals may not have been forthright with testimony that was given at a hearing held earlier this year with respect to Mr. DiMeo’s nomination signatures. 
So again, Where does Governor’s Council Candidate Richard DiMeo live?

The 6th district for Governor’s Council includes parts of: Boston, Chelsea, Winthrop, Revere, Lynn, Nahant, Saugus. Swampscott, Marblehead, Lynnfield. Wakefield, Reading, Stoneham, Winchester, Medford, Melrose, Malden, Everett, Cambrdge and Somerville. 

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