Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Temitope OLALEYE (Malicious Defacement of Property & Threat to Commit Crime)

On the above date and time, I was dispatched to 185 Somerville Avenue, Burger King for a disturbance which involved property damage.


While en route to Burger King, Officer Mark Pulli informed Somerville Control via radio transmission that he had the suspect, Temitope Olaleye, stopped in front of Merriam Street. Upon my arrival, Officer Pulli stated that Olaleye, made a spontaneous statement in regards to the damaged property. Olaleye informed Officer Pulli that he requested a free meal at the front counter because he did not have money to pay for the meal. The Burger King manager, XXXXX, informed Olaleye, that she could not comply with his request. Olaleye then admitted to Officer Pulli, “Those racist spics couldn’t give me a meal, so I had to throw a rock through their window.” Officer Pulli instructed Olaleye to place his hands on the hood of the marked cruiser until additional units arrived. Olaleye replied, “I can’t do that because then I will have to take your life.” Officer Pulli then instructed Olaleye again to place his hands on the hood of the cruiser because he was being placed in handcuffs for everyone’s safety. Olaleye’s response was, “I am not going to do that, and if you put handcuffs on me I am going to kill you.” Officer Pulli placed Olaleye in handcuffs, and Olaleye made a final statement, “Prison can’t hold me forever, when I get out, I am going to find you and kill you.” Olaleye was transported to the Somerville Police Station in prisoner transport vehicle, Unit 200. Olaleye was booked, processed, and fingerprinted in the usual manner.


I interviewed XXXXX at Burger King after Olaleye had been removed from the scene. XXXXX stated that Olaleye walked into Burger King asked for a value meal, and he informed the server that he did not have money to pay for the meal. XXXXX did not complete his order because he did not have money to pay for the meal. Olaleye became irate, boisterous, and violent. He walked outside of Burger King, and he broke a double paned door, and he also broke a double paned window by throwing rocks from the ground at them.



Respectfully submitted,



Officer Eduardo Soares

Badge #272


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