Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Angela GRASSA (A&B on Person Over 60, B&E, Attempt to Commit Crime) 

On June 17, 2016, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 8:42am, I was dispatched to XX Pearl St for a suspicious person. The reporting party stated her father called her, and was distraught about a female that was on his property. She had since left the property, and the daughter asked if we could check on her father, XXXXX.


        I arrived shortly thereafter, and met XXXXX on his front porch, along with second floor resident YYYYY. XXXXX’s daughter, ZZZZZ, also arrived to assist with communication due to XXXXX primarily speaking Italian. I learned the following facts from my interview of all parties involved;


        At approximately 7:45am, ZZZZZ left XX Pearl St to head to work. ZZZZZ visits her father every morning to take care of him. Around 8:00am, a blonde female, approximately 40-49 years old, with noticeable piercings, parked a white Ford Expedition in the driveway of XXXXX’s. This female, who identified herself as Donna, has been coming by regularly since September. XXXXX, nor second floor tenant YYYYY, knows the female. Over the past few months, this female has been asking for money from XXXXX for various reasons. Each time she visits, her reasons for needing money change. She has told the elderly XXXXX she needs money for a high school graduation gift, for medical expenses, and for daily essentials. Neither XXXXX, nor any of the family or tenants know this female. She once said her name was “AAAAA” to YYYYY, however no one knows her last name, and all denied being friends with her.


        Today, she arrived, and parked in the driveway. XXXXX, who regularly sits on his front porch, asked her not to park in the driveway. The female stated she would not move, and came up on the porch. She began hassling XXXXX for money. XXXXX is an 86 year old elderly male, who is very unsteady on his feet, and walks with the assistance of a walker. He stood up, and began to walk to his front door, which was locked. Once XXXXX used his key to unlock the door, the female pushed XXXXX with her hands on his left shoulder, causing him to stumble inside, where he caught himself on a banister preventing him from falling. The female then opened the closed door to XXXXX’s apartment, and made her way inside. XXXXX ordered her to leave the residence, however she stated “I’m not leaving until you give me $200”. 


        During this exchange, second floor tenant YYYYY heard the commotion, and descended downstairs in order to check on XXXXX. YYYYY was confronted by the female who engaged in a heated argument. The female eventually left prior to successfully extorting XXXXX for the $200. YYYYY was able to write down the license plate and provide to police. YYYYY also confirmed the description of a white female in her 40s, with a distinctive piercing above her right lip, and a tongue piercing.


        As I spoke with XXXXX, I noticed he was visibly upset. ZZZZZ stated her father was scared of this female, and ZZZZZ was in fear for her father’s safety. It is obvious that this female has selected XXXXXX due to his age, and continues to extort or attempt to extort based on his vulnerability.


        The description of the vehicle and female matched a previous offender from a case in March. In previous cases, Grassa has exploited elderly people for personal and financial gain. Lt. deOliveira was familiar with the previous calls, and was able to pull up a photo of the female suspect who was previously arrested. Lt. deOliveira then showed this picture to YYYYY, and asked him if he recognized this female. YYYYY immediately stated “yes 100%, that is the female”. 


        We were able to identify Angela Grassa as the suspect. She is known to operate a white 2003 Ford Expedition, which is a match to the vehicle involved today. This vehicle is the same vehicle used in previous incidents. Grassa also previously used an elderly female’s information to register that vehicle. The female resided at XX Perkins St, and Grassa was charged in that incident. The vehicle used in this incident is registered to another female who resides at XX Perkins St. 


        With this information, I asked Lynn Police to check 8 1/2 Woodman St. Lynn, MA for that vehicle and female. That is the address listed for Grassa through the RMV. Lynn responded, and reported both were on location. I asked Lynn PD to place Grassa in custody for the following charges:


265/13K – Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person

274/6 – Attempt to Commit a Crime – Extortion

266/17/B – Breaking & Entering in the Day Time – Person in Fear


        Officer Brian Pavao responded in unit 200 to Lynn PD, and transported Grassa to the station where she was booked by Lt. deOliveira. I noticed Grassa had a piercing just above her right lip, and a tongue piercing, corroborating YYYYY’s description of the female. XXXXX and ZZZZZ were advised on how to seek a Harassment Prevention Order at Somerville District Court.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.


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