Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Domingo PETERS (Disorderly Conduct & Shoplifting at Rite Aid) 

On the above date and time, Officer Christopher Collette and I were dispatched to 14 McGrath Highway, Rite Aid, for an individual shoplifting in the store.


Upon my arrival, I immediately noticed a black male, Domingo Peters, who fit the description of the shoplifter. Description given to responding units was: a black male with a back pack, gray jacket, and a black and gray hat, walking around the store with a bicycle. Note: Peters is known to me from previous encounters, and he was the only individual in Rite Aid who was walking in the store with a bicycle. I observed Peters with a Star Market plastic bag full of merchandise. Officer Collette remained with Peters while I spoke with an employee of Rite Aid, XXXXX. XXXXX stated that she was alerted by someone at Star Market to keep watch over Peters, who was now entering Rite Aid. XXXXX stated that she noticed that Peters’ partially transparent plastic bag contained a few small items. As Peters was walking around, she noticed that his plastic bag was now full of merchandise, some of which she recognized from her store.


I asked Peters if he had a receipt for the merchandise to which he replied he did not have it on him. I then asked Peters which store did he buy the items in his bag. He immediately stated that he purchased everything in the bag from the Dollar Tree. I asked how did he pay for the merchandise to which he replied a credit card. I stated to Peters that it was odd that the Dollar Tree with put all the items he purchased into a Star Market bag. He then replied, “Well I paid cash for the stuff so what do you want me to say.” I also advised him that a majority of the items in the bag had Rite Aid price tags. At this point Peters became extremely loud and boisterous. He also began to yell obscenities towards Officer Collette and I. During our interaction with Peters, patrons of the store began standing around us, to watch the commotion and interaction. Officer Collette and I asked Peters on numerous occasion to lower his voice because there were also children in the store. He refused to comply, and he made it a point to speak and curse even louder.


Peters was placed under arrest, and transported to the Somerville Police Station in prisoner transport vehicle, Unit 200, where he was booked and processed in the usual manner. All items were returned to Rite Aid and The Dollar Tree.



Respectfully submitted,




Officer Eduardo Soares

Badge #272


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