Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Brian LOUNSBURY (Poss. Class A), David DOWNEY (Poss. Class A & Poss. DW) & Kathleen SULLIVAN (Reading Warrant)


On Thursday, April 07, 2016 at 6:50 P.M., I was reviewing surveillance videos at Saks from a previous shoplifting incident that occurred on 04/02/16. On 04/02/16, at approximately 7:30 P.M., two males and a female arrived in a red Nissan Altima, the female entered the store while one male waited outside on the sidewalk, and the other was seated in the driver seat with the engine running.


The female selected two Michael Kors handbags (total value $300.00 each) and one Roger Vivier handbag ($2000.00) and left the store without making any attempt to pay for the merchandise. The male and female then entered a Red Nissan and left the area.


While talking to loss prevention agents XXXXX and YYYYY about the details of the incident, they directed my attention to the surveillance monitor where I saw the same male and female from the shoplifting incident enter the store.


I exited from the side door onto Canal Street and observed a red Nissan Altima outside Saks with a male seated in the driver seat with the engine running. The operator was continuously looking to his left and right and appeared to have been acting as a lookout.


I informed Somerville Police Control of my location and requested backup. Detectives from the narcotics unit, Officer Pavao, Officer Goulart and Sergeant Ward responded to the scene.


I observed the male and female exit the store and run towards the parked Nissan Altima. They immediately entered the vehicle and drove towards the intersection of Canal Street and Grand Union Blvd where they were stopped by Officers Pavao and Goulart. I approached the vehicle along with Detective J. Costa from the passenger side while Officers Goulart and Pavao approached from the driver side.


Officer Pavao and Goulart ordered the driver to exit the vehicle; he was identified as Brian Lounsbury. Mr. Lounsbury was placed in handcuffs and detained. I asked the female passenger to step out of the vehicle, I identified her as Kathleen Sullivan and as I was placing her in handcuffs, I heard Officer Goulart yell “Knife”. I turned around and observed the passenger from the back seat exit the vehicle without being asked to. Officer Goulart saw the male who was later identified as David Downey throw an item inside the car. When Officer Goulart looked inside he observed a knife.


Detective Cicerone, Legros and Brioso arrived on scene. I secured the knife and observed three crack pipes on the rear passenger seat. While making sure there were no additional weapons in the car, Detective Cicerone located a small plastic container in the center console. This container was purple with a clear cover, and contained a clear baggie with a tan powdery substance. Detective Cicerone recognized this substance as Heroin.


I placed Mr. Downey under arrest for VCO Possession of Dangerous Weapons, SCO 9 96 and possession of Class A, Mr. Lounsbury for possession of Class A. and Ms. Sullivan for a warrant out of Woburn District Court.


Ms. Sullivan was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200 operated by Officer Difava, Mr. Lounsbury and Mr. Downey were transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200 operated by Officer Reece.


I informed all three defendants that I will file a separate complaint against them for Larceny over $250, and conspiracy.



Respectfully submitted, 



Officer Samir Messaoudi #312

Somerville Police Dept.


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