Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Stephen REMICK (Trespass, Threat to Commit Crime, Disorderly Conduct)

On 03/21/2016 I, Officer Joseph S. Teves responded to 27 College Ave for an unwanted male party who was inside the building refusing to leave and heavily intoxicated. Officer Al Gee in Marked cruiser West 5 was also dispatched to assist. When I arrived on location I encountered a drunk male who was known to me as Stephen Remick. I would like to note that I, along with many other officers in the Somerville Police Department respond to a rather large number of calls concerning Mr. Remick in the Davis Square area. Usually when we interact with Mr. Remick it is without incident, unfortunately this was not the case.


I asked Mr. Remick if he could get up and step outside of the building with me so we could talk. Mr. Remick replied “Go f*** yourself you f***ing punk”! I tried again to explain to Mr. Remick why he could not stay in the hallway blocking the entrance to the building. Mr. Remick replied “You ain’t shit! I’m going to slice your f***ing throat”. Again I politely requested that Mr. Remick stand up and leave the premises a third time. This time Mr. Remick shouted at me “Suck my f***ing d***”! It was at this point that I grabbed Mr. Remick by the arm and tried to get him on his feet. Mr. Remick refused to get up and left Officer Gee and I no other recourse other than to drag him out of the hallway. Once outside Officer Gee and I rolled Mr. Remick over on his stomach and placed him into handcuffs.


Once Mr. Remick was secured and no longer an officer safety issue I went inside the building to speak with the reporting party XXXXX. I would like to note that XXXXX is employed by the Somerville Housing Authority, and that the building in question is under the direct management of XXXXX. While I was speaking with XXXXX Officer Gee remained outside with Mr. Remick. I asked XXXXX what had happened prior to him placing the phone call requesting police assistance. XXXXXX stated that he asked Mr. Remick to leave the building several times and tried to inform Mr. Remick that he was not welcome on the property. XXXXX claimed that Mr. Remick began shouting profanities and became very agitated. It was at this point that XXXXX became fearful of what may happen next. XXXXX then placed a call for police assistance.


I went back outside and tried to explain to Mr. Remick what was happening and why. Mr. Remick would not stop shouting profanities. Mr. Remick was causing such a disturbance that traffic was starting to slow to a crawl and people began to roll down their vehicle windows so they could see what was happening. Soon after taking Mr. Remick into custody the mobile detention unit (200) arrived operated by Officer Reece. Mr. Remick was searched and Placed into the back of unit 200 and transported to the Somerville Police Dept where he was booked by LT. Lavey.


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph S. Teves#297

Somerville Police Dept.


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