Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Isreal MANZANARES (ABDW, False Name & Boston Warrant)


While assigned to marked patrol unit East One, in full police uniform, on the above date and time I was dispatched to 115 Pennsylvania Ave for a report of a victim that has been hit over the head with a bottle. The victim stated the suspect was still in the area. Upon arrival, along with Officer Catatao I spoke with the victim who identified himself as XXXXX. XXXXX stated the he was homeless and that he got into an argument with another homeless man and that individual hit him over the head with a bottle. XXXXX had a 2″ lump on the right side of his head and I asked if he needed medical attention and he stated “NO”. He stated to me that the suspect was now walking towards Broadway. I told XXXXX to get into my cruiser and we will drive around the block to see if the suspect is in the area. The suspect was located at the corner of Broadway and Hawthorn St. XXXX suddenly stated, “That is him right there with the maroon hoodie on”. The suspect was identified as, Milton Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez was placed under arrest for assault and battery dangerous weapon to wit a bottle. After giving the aforementioned name to myself and the booking Lieutenant Jeff Digregorio, it was learned through fingerprints Mr. Rodriguez gave a false name and his real identity is Isreal Manzanares.


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