The Somerville News Weekly’s Special Person of the Week Tony Medeiros

By Frank Santangelo 

Tony Medeiros, a 1992 Matignon High School graduate and local Somerville businessman, Tony Medeiros is now a name that many people have known and admired in Somerville where he has been the owner of Dunkin Donuts in Magoun Square since 2008. 

Tony got married in 2004 and he loves working in Somerville where he spends most of his day and when he’s not working, he spends quality time with his wife and their 9yr old daughter.  
He is very active within the community and participates in many dart, golf and bowling leagues in the city and is also an avid coffee lover that enjoys running his coffee business in the heart of one of Somerville’s amazing squares. 

Tony also participates in many local charities in the city and has always been one of the first business owners in the city to volunteer to help out the local causes in time of need. 

We here at the Somerville News Weekly salute you for everything that you do to make Somerville a better place. 


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