Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Leandro LEITE (Unlicensed Op. MV, Leave Scene of Property Damage)

On 02/14/16, I, Officer Christopher Collette was assigned to Somerville marked unit East Four. At approximately 22:05 hours I was dispatched to the area of 2 Osgood St. for the report of a motorist striking several parked vehicles with his own vehicle. Officer Shaun Clark in East One responded as well. While en route, Somerville Control informed responding units that the residents of the area were attempting to prevent the suspect vehicle, a red truck MA REG RRRRRR, from leaving the scene. Once on scene I observed several people in the street and the suspect vehicle as described. I observed front end damage to the red Ford, which had come to rest inches away from the front end of a Mercedes ML320. The front end of the Mercedes was damaged to the point that the front bumper cover was no longer attached to the vehicle. Later it would be discovered that five other vehicles had been struck during this incident. I then called into the crowd and asked who was driving. A man who identified himself as Leandro Leite (DOB XX/XX/XX) of 85 Linden St. #3, Everett MA, informed me that he had been driving. As I began to speak with Mr. Leite he turned around and put his hands behind his back stating, “Go ahead”. I informed Mr. Leite that at that point I would just like to speak with him about what had occurred. I asked Mr. Leite if he had a license and he stated that he did not. He also stated that he was not in possession of any form of identification. I was able to detect a faint odor of alcohol emanating from Mr. Leite’s person, however after speaking with Mr. Leite and observing him walk he did not appear to be impaired. I confirmed with Mr. Leite that he had struck several vehicles. I asked Mr. Leite why he did not stop after striking the first vehicle. He stated that he was trying to go home.


I later spoke with XXXXX (DOB XX/XX/XX). She stated that, prior to my arrival, she heard a loud bang and looked out of her window. She observed the red Ford driving toward the walled off dead end of Osgood St. She stated that the Ford stopped as it approached the wall. It then backed up and drove forward again. In an attempt to turn around, the red Ford struck a Honda Civic several times. The Ford then struck XXXXX’ motor vehicle, a Honda Accord. After speaking with residents of Osgood St. I determined that six vehicles in total had been struck. The first vehicle, a Honda Civic, was registered to YYYYY (DOB XX/XX/XX). YYYYY’s vehicle had a light dent in the driver’s side door and on the driver’s side of the front bumper. The second vehicle was a Toyota Highlander, registered to ZZZZZ (DOB XX/XX/XX). ZZZZZ vehicle sustained deep scratches along the entire passenger side, as well as loss of a portion of bumper on the front passenger’s side of the vehicle, exposing the engine compartment. The third vehicle was a Honda Accord, registered to XXXXX (DOB XX/XX/XX). XXXXX’s vehicle sustained a crack on the passenger’s side of the front bumper cover. The fourth vehicle was a Toyota Sienna, registered to the Walnut St. Center of Somerville MA. The Toyota Sienna sustained heavy damage to the front driver’s side wheel well and corner panel. The fifth vehicle was a Chevrolet Van, registered to AAAAA (DOB XX/XX/XX). AAAAA’s vehicle sustained a large dent and deep scratches in the front passenger’s side corner panel. The sixth vehicle was a Mercedes ML320, registered to BBBBB (DOB XX/XX/XX). BBBBB’s vehicle sustained heavy damage to the front bumper cover, which was missing from the vehicle and left on an adjacent snowpile.


Based on the circumstances I believed that Mr. Leite had operated his motor vehicle in a reckless and wanton manner in an attempt to flee the accident scene. I then placed Mr. Leite under arrest for Wanton Damaging of Property, 266/126A. Mr. Leite was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200 and booked by Lt. DiGregorio in the usual manner. MA Citation # R6878739 was issued and mailed to Mr. Leite for the charges of: Operating to Endanger 90/24, Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Property Damage 90/24, and Wanton Damaging of Property 266/126A. MA Citation# R6878740 was also issued and mailed to Mr. Leite for the charge of Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 90/10.


Photographs of the damage to all involved vehicles will be attached to this report.


Respectfully submitted,


Patrolman Christopher Collette, B#302


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