Somerville’s Older Adults Catch Concerts from Up and Coming Talent


Since April of 2015, older adults in Somerville have been able to witness some of the incredible talent residing at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The concerts take place in various, smaller concert venues and locations across the Berklee campus and feature faculty and students practicing their art as musicians and vocalists.

They have seen cabaret-style performances, and have heard the incredibly smooth sounds of jazz, blues, R&B, background, and holiday music vocals; delighted to “strings and things”; listened in awe to a cappella; and marveled at the many beautiful sounds of marimba. COA Senior Project Manager Janine Lotti developed the program because she thought that having a concert-hall quality experience—without the big price tag—would appeal to many of Somerville’s older adults. “The music we’ve experienced at Berklee has been a real showcase of talents,” says Lotti. “We almost always leave wanting more.”

The best part of this particular program, says Lotti, is that older adults get to see young people performing and enjoying themselves. Oftentimes, the students will take time to speak with concert attendees after the show. “It’s a really nice connection,” she says. In the Spring, they made a real connection with a vocal jazz instructor and his students. Lotti hopes that, as a result of that initial interaction, older adults will be able to “sit in” on some rehearsals and have time for questions and answers with the students in the coming year.

There are more trips to Berklee scheduled for February and March. Please call Janine Lotti at (617)625-6600, ext. 2300 for more information.


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