Apology of Somerville Ward 1 School Committee Person Steve Roix in Opposition of Recent “Potential Terror Threat in Somerville” Article Mud-fight


***Update and apology:***
We all know it’s not good to make the emotional Facebook posts before you give yourself time to cool off. It’s especially bad for someone who is a public elected official, even though this is technically my personal Facebook page.  

I want to apologize to everyone who read this, whether you agree with me or not – and my stance on the substance of the matter really hasn’t changed – I should not have resorted to name calling and gutter language. As a parent I would be disappointed in my children expressing themselves in this manner, and I am certainly disappointed in myself for doing so as an adult. I am sorry for embarrassing my wife and family; and also to anyone else who maybe hasn’t told me, but may feel that way. I am especially sorry to those whom I represent on the School Committee.

As I said in one of the comments I don’t claim to represent the school committee nor the school district with the thoughts expressed rather crudely here. I really should have added “nor the people of Ward 1” , who may well have all sorts of different views as to whether they agree with me on substance. Regardless of political views I know they are such a classy group of people that they deserve better from their elected official than Facebook mud-fights and crass language. I apologize sincerely for that, and realize as an elected official I cannot entirely separate myself from the role.

I should not post personal attacks nor use rude language on public posts whether or not such language or attacks have been directed against me. I need to have a higher standard,and I let you down.
I don’t agree with Billy Tauro standing by his story and I think the story and the refusal to correct or retract it is damaging to our Community and counter to our values. However, I also acted in that way with a crass and angry Facebook post that I now regret the tone of – although I still agree with the substance – there were much better ways to express that.  

I’m leaving the original post for posterity (and so it doesn’t get made into more than it was).   
Once again, I apologize to all who I’ve offended and who rightfully expected better from me.


Biilly Tauro, you have a right to be a racist douchebag….

…..but when you continue to defile our community with your racist lies and deliberately use Somerville STUDENTS AND FAMILIES, our community, to stoke completely unfounded fear in an attempt to stir racial hatred and divide our schools, when you continue to stand by and even double down on debunked stories that you were – at best, giving you the benefit of the doubt -too lazy to correctly report in the first place, I have the right to call you out on it.   

I don’t give a shit how many people in Somerville you “know”or how many police officers you know or who agrees with you or that Donald Trump’s campaign is calling you – you have crossed the line and until you apologize publicly to the community and specifically to the families and students you are attempting to bully, you can add me to your enemies list. So go ahead and start printing lies and garbage about me. I don’t give a damn – I don’t like you either.

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